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Phill Nosworthy

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Convergence: Skill, substance and closing the 5 gaps that prevent world class performance

We find ourselves in a time of massive and accelerating change. That is not a new insight at all. But what is so easily lost on people is that a changing context demands a different approach to success and high performance. The problem is that people all across the world are running personal and professional strategies that, though incredibly effective in the past, have entirely lost their ability to drive results in the modern context. But in this new era of business we have to work to develop the whole person in order to succeed in the day to day aspects of work. Explore the 5 critical gaps that hold even the smartest back from their highest potential, identify and put into immediate practice simple, replicable strategies for personal and professional impact, and uncover and activate hidden strengths and growth possibilities. Read less
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Emotional Leadership

Rise above drama and emotional chaos, and discover higher levels of performance, productivity and connection. In this grounding and inspiring talk, Phill Nosworthy shares transformative insights and essential practices for mastering one’s own emotional state at work and in life. Delivered in person or digitally, this talk and workshop series is designed to elevate the leadership impact and potential of teams. Read less
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Meaning and Mastery: A playbook for leveling up in work, leadership and life

Most people never reap the rewards of living their full potential. Discover an opportunity to help people step a little more into that potential by sharing the lessons that Phill has learnt from a decade spent teaching some of the top performers at the most incredible organisations on the planet. A guide and a playbook for the modern professional, these sessions are designed to help people to take control of their career and to make it count. Read less
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The Meaning Makers: Mastery, fulfillment and purpose at work

Drawing on exclusive interviews with notable performers, cutting edge insights from the fields of psychology and sociology along with tales from myth, the subject of meaning will be explored and distilled, offering a roadmap for how to manufacture a deep and resonant sense of meaning in our own life. Audiences walk away happier, healthier, more fulfilled when the following pillars of meaning are in full swing in their life and work. Read less
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Phill Nosworthy

Executive coach, global speaker and change-maker

Phill Nosworthy is a Speaker, executive advisor and author in the subject areas that surround making business and life meaningful.

His insights into personal mastery and the future of work have gained him a cult following among high performers in Fortune listed companies the world over.

He has worked in more than 50 cities and 25 countries globally and counts Apple, ING, Universal Music and the Commonwealth Bank amongst his clients.

Phill has skilfully hosted bespoke invitational events in major centres around the world including New York, Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam with partners including SOHO House, The Standard, The Apollo, Vittoria and Microsoft.

He is the founder of Switch L+D, a digital-first learning and development practice that gives anyone, anywhere the same level of career development that has only ever been reserved for the highest performers of Fortune 500 companies.


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