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Learn how to build positive business relationships

Categories: Change Management, Communication, Leadership, Sales

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Behavioural scientist, conference speaker and masterclass facilitator, David Penglase has some incredible tips and strategies on how to build positive business relationships. He is ready to share them with any audience and explores how positivity and trust impact on business, including in leadership, sales, customer experience, employee experience and overall success in both professional and personal lives.

Utilising humour and combining it with remarkable stories and the latest research, David’s presentations inspire every audience member to achieve their absolute best in life.

Travelling both nationally and internationally, David has worked with some of the top corporations and associations, aiding in the shifting of mindsets and behaviours. In 2008, David was inducted into Australia’s Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

Holding degrees in both Business and the Psychology of Adult Learning, an MBA, a Master’s Degree in Professional Ethics and a Master of Science degree in Applied Positive Psychology, you can be ensured that David knows what he is talking about.

David has authored several books including best-seller ‘Intentionomics – The Impact of our Intentions on Living Happy, Flourishing and Prosperous Lives’ and ‘The Art & Science of Building Customer Trust – How to Fast-Track Trust and Earn New, Repeat and Referral Business.

His conference and keynote topics include sales, customer experience, leadership, motivating and inspiring your individuals and teams, as well as addressing the notion of disruption.

David Penglase‘s presentations are thoroughly educating as well as high-energy and high-impact, to ensure your audiences gets maximum benefits out of the presentation.

Speaker Topics

Customer Service: Creating profitable positive customer connections
The 21st century customer is more individualised than ever before. Tap into a powerful communication process and strategies that engage the minds and emotions of customers to create exceptional and profitable customer experiences.
Emerging Leaders: Embracing the privilege of leadership
The shift from team member to leading the team is one of the most difficult dynamics for new leaders to manage. Explore what it takes to develop the confidence for self trust, the courage to trust in others, and the combined character and competence to earn others trust.
Individuals: Developing your personal success blueprint
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things, but it takes much more than positive thinking. Explore the latest research in human motivation and unlock the power of self determination to succeed in the areas you need to live a flourishing, meaningful and prosperous professional and personal life.
Leaders: Beyond inspiration and the need for aspirational leadership
21st century leadership requires a combination of character, competence, authenticity and trustworthiness. Discover how to pattern interrupt the noise of disruption, gain clarity and lead with integrity to create a thriving work environment where your people flourish.
Sales: Sell the way buyers want to buy
Fast track sales success by tapping into the combined science of intention, trust and positive persuasion to distance you from competitors and win more new, repeat and referral sales. Build proactive resilience in tough markets, and avoid success apathy in positive markets.
Teams: Achieving positive collaboration and team success
Identifying, understanding and harnessing the signature strengths of individuals is key to intra team and inter team success. Discover the power of Positive Collaboration, an evidence based approach that helps build trust and fast tracks almost every measure of team success.


David’s personal, funny stories made the whole messaging very genuine and enjoyable which resulted in the great audience engagement we all felt throughout the presentation.


David was the anchor speaker responsible for closing our roadshow. He proved a great choice due to his enthusiasm, humour and ability to tie the event outcomes together. I would not have any hesitation in recommending David for future events.


As the keynote speaker at our Conference, David was engaging, motivational and entertaining. The feedback we received was more than positive and we were impressed with how his presentation was tailored to our personal needs.

LJ Hooker

David Penglase - Change Management

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