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Craig Harper - Change Management - A High-performance and Change Management Speaker&n ...

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Speaker Topics

Changing Workplace Culture Starts with One Small Success at a Time.

Company Culture – What is it and How to Change It?

Developing our Opportunity Consciousness.

Effective Communication 101 – at work, at home, in relationships.

Effective Goal Setting – we know what it is but we don’t do it!

Effective Management; managing ‘me’ first.

Energy Vampires and Dream Squashers.

Excuse-ology; the Science of Excuse Making.

Exploring the Principles and Mechanics of Positive Change.

From Mediocre to Amazing – creating our best life.

Getting the ‘People Stuff’ right in Business.

Leadership – in business, in life.

Making Change a ‘Forever’ thing.

Motivation: what is it and how do we maintain it?

Overcoming our Stinking Thinking – winning the war of the mind.

Resolving Conflict Rationally and Effectively.

Self Sabotage – getting out of our own way. Exploring our potential.

The Destiny Myth – it’s not pre-ordained, it’s created. Destiny or decisions?

The Obesity Epidemic: why we’re so fat and what we can do about it right now.

The Relationship between Attitude and Outcome – creating a winning attitude.

The Relationship between Physical, Mental and Emotional health.

The Seven(teen) Habits of Highly (In)effective People.

Time Management – Why we waste so much time (and how not to).

Time-efficient Fitness

Turning Conflict into Opportunities.

What is Stress – and how do we manage it?

Craig Harper

A High-performance and Change Management Speaker and Writer

Craig Harper is a leading speaker and educator in the areas of high-performance, change management, personal transformation, resilience, health, and addiction.

For 40 years Craig has been a crucial component of the Australian health and fitness industries. He’s worked as an Exercise Scientist, Corporate Speaker, Consultant, University Lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, Radio Host, TV Presenter and Writer. In 1990, Craig founded Harper’s Personal Training – a business which evolved into one of the most successful of its kind and inhabited the Australian fitness landscape for almost 25 years.

Currently, Craig hosts a Podcast called ‘The You Project.’ They’ve partnered with the Neuroscience Team at Monash University to explore the spectrum of human thinking and behaviour with a specific focus on addiction and its treatment. He’s also completing a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology.

Craig speaks every week on various radio stations around Australia and hosted his own weekly show on Melbourne radio called The Science of Sport. In addition to having written for the Herald Sun newspaper, several magazines and authoring seven books, Craig was also the director of Health and Wellness for Dayhab, one of Australia’s leading addiction treatment facilities.

Craig has worked with many professional athletes and teams including The St Kilda Football Club, The Melbourne Vixens, The Port Melbourne Football Club and a long list of Olympians. Craig divides his time between working with athletes and delivering more than 100 corporate presentations each year.

Craig seeks to educate and inspire; to encourage us to look within ourselves for a solution to our problems. He knows that real change comes from within, and that it’s a constant process. He is driven by the desire to instil a desire to change in the people he meets.


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