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Jo Westh

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Jo Westh

CEO of Orange Sky Laundry

As CEO of Orange Sky Laundry, Jo Westh is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation. Working collaboratively and helping to guide both the Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Directors, Jo sets out to change lives within the community. 

Jo was the founding Board Member of the company, before being brought in as CEO to assist with Orange Sky’s growth and scalability. Under her leadership, Orange Sky has expanded rapidly, including increasing the number of vans, employees, and volunteers. She has been able to implement the required strategy and business systems to aid the growth, as well as fostered a company culture jam-packed with support and teamwork. As a leader, Jo recognises the strengths of individuals, helping to build them up and incorporate them into a dynamic team.

Most recently, Jo has been assisting with the company’s expansion in both New Zealand and the United States. 

Before joining Orange Sky, Jo worked in a management consultancy where she led teams across the globe to build sustainable businesses. She has also worked as a Senior Partner for an international consulting firm that was focussed on mergers and acquisitions. 

Jo is passionate about empowering the community and assisting those most vulnerable. She has worked extensively in Cambodia supporting children that are experiencing poverty and disconnection. 

Having had careers in typically male-dominated industries, Jo brings a new perspective to situations. She is passionate about fighting against the inequal mistreatment of minority groups. 

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