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Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy is a capability you can, and must, build for success. From becoming consciously curious to exploring for understanding and leading with empathy and impact. Daniel provides a 'how to' process of empathy in leadership.

Giving Hard Feedback

Giving corrective or 'hard' feedback is a critical, yet often loathed element of leadership. Too many leaders are avoiding the tough conversations and walking past behaviour that is destroying their culture. Check out this eBook for Daniel's guide to empathy and feedback.

Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray is a sought-after motivational keynote speaker and Business Consultant currently located in Sydney, Australia. Through his experience working with some of the biggest companies in Australia and New Zealand, he has seen firsthand that building empathy is vital for future strategic competitive advantage.

With a background in mathematics and strategy, Daniel has a passion for understanding emotions and has become an expert in empathy, leadership, strategy and emotional intelligence. Like few others, Daniel blends diverse concepts through simple yet engaging stories to share groundbreaking ideas.

After a career in corporate strategy and management consulting within Australia’s largest Financial Services organisations, Daniel now helps businesses and leaders to drive performance through people, culture and empathy. Blending his background in mathematics and strategy, with a deep understanding of emotions, neuroscience and behavioral economics, Daniel has become an expert in building the capabilities, tools and strategies to embed Strategic Empathy.

His company, Empathic Consulting, was born out of Daniel’s desire to embed empathic leadership tools in business. He has seen time and time again that businesses which largely ignore the unique emotional needs of people, suffer disloyal customers, higher staff turnover and lower overall performance. Through his presentations, workshops and consulting services, Daniel empowers leaders to leverage empathy as a capability in order to cultivate productive teamwork and experience tangible corporate success. Daniel is renowned for his ability to entertain audiences with engaging stories, mind-bending questions and relevant case studies that bring to life the often-hidden side of human behaviour.

Daniel speaks at businesses, schools, conferences and conducts experiential workshops to teach people how to develop Empathic Leadership, build an understanding of the rational and emotional needs of others and then provide guidance and support to foster a flexible, resourceful and high-performing workplace.

As CEO of Empathic Consulting, Daniel has provided keynotes and training to PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Tyro, Macquarie Bank, AMP, Adaptovate, NSW Treasury, ICare and TAL. His ability to engage and entertain leaves his clients invigorated to strive for deeper levels of understanding and performance.

As a prolific writer, Daniel draws on cultural stories, metaphors and personal experience to deliver powerful content to the Australian media. His work has been featured on businesses.com.au, Oh Magazine, Kochie’s Business Builders and Now to Love. He is a regular contributor to Inside Small Business and My Entrepreneur magazine.


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