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Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy is a capability you can, and must, build for success. From becoming consciously curious to exploring for understanding and leading with empathy and impact. Daniel provides a 'how to' process of empathy in leadership. Read less
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Empathy, Ethics & the world of AI

Why we need to be more human in a world of artificial intelligence

  • Are your people concerned about the rise of AI and what it means for their jobs?
  • Are they struggling to see how they will fit into the future of work?
  • Is it time to reframe their importance and reignite the fire of human intelligence?

With the world of artificial intelligence and technology changing our lives so quickly, it is easy to be left paralysed, overwhelmed and struggling to understand our workplaces of the future. But we must not let the uncertainty of the future hold us back from the important role we will have in shaping it. This session is focused on repositioning the role our people need to take in developing the future of decision-making, workplaces and culture. 

The future will be shaped by people. By the level of curiosity, empathy and ethical decision making we make. This session will compel audiences to rethink what AI means for the future and put the spotlight directly on the critical role they play today and in the future. 

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Ethics & Empathy

We live in volatile times. Royal Commissions, natural disasters and a global pandemic highlighted the turbulence and complexity our modern world. News media and social media make it easier than ever to crucify companies for even the slightest error or misdemeanour. Read less
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Giving Hard Feedback

Giving corrective or 'hard' feedback is a critical, yet often loathed element of leadership. Too many leaders are avoiding the tough conversations and walking past behaviour that is destroying their culture. Check out this eBook for Daniel's guide to empathy and feedback. Read less
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Daniel Murray

Leading businesses with empathy and emotional awareness

After working with the biggest companies in Australia and New Zealand, Daniel Murray has become an expert in leadership, strategy, empathy and emotional intelligence. He strongly believes, and has seen firsthand, that empathy is the key to giving companies a strategic competitive advantage for the future.

With a background in mathematics and strategy, Daniel is also a leading expert on the role of emotions, neuroscience and behavioural economics in corporate environments. 

Daniel’s experience in management consulting has given him the necessary insight to lead a company’s corporate strategy. Taking skills he learnt within Australia’s leading financial services, Daniel continues to help business leaders grow by embracing a culture of empathy.

He hopes to share his philosophy of Strategic Empathy through his company, Empathic Consulting. He has provided training to some of Australia’s biggest companies, including PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank and AMP. He also regularly writes for businesses.com.au, Oh Magazine, Kochie’s Business Builders, Inside Small Business and My Entrepreneur Magazine.

By emphasising the importance of empathy in leadership, Daniel hopes to address the emotional needs of staff and clients. With a range of engaging workshops and consultations, he is able to cultivate productive teamwork in order to achieve corporate success. 

Daniel is renowned for his ability to entertain audiences with engaging stories, questions and case studies. He has spoken at businesses, schools and conferences to teach people how to address the emotional needs of others. In doing so, Daniel provides a practical framework to foster a flexible, resourceful and high-performing workplace.


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