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Stan Alves OAM

Follow the journey from the elite sporting arena to business management,

A football legend, business investor and development coach, Stan Alves OAM does it all. His knowledge is never-ending about multiple topics and he aims to improve as many lives as he can.

Stan is an AFL legend and has played 283 AFL games with Melbourne and North Melbourne Football clubs. From 1973 to 1976 he captained Melbourne and in 1977 was a part of the North Melbourne Premiership team.

As recognition of his tremendous efforts and involvement within the sport, Alves was given multiple awards including an AFL life membership, voted club Best and Fairest twice, was inducted into the Melbourne football club Hall of Fame, was a state representative for the sport and was runner up for the Brownlow Medal.  

As well as extensive football expertise, Alves was also involved in the business management, development and communications industry. He was a company director of a financial planning firm that employed up to 40 investment advisors, was a manager of training and development and the general manager of sales and financial planning within the I.O.O.F. Financial group and is currently a motivational speaker and performance coach.

As a prominent keynote speaker, Stan Alves employs inspirational past and present day successes to motivate and arouse. An easy-going, confident presenter, who captivates the audience with personality, extensive knowledge and amazing insight, Stan Alves is a prominent keynote speaker.

If you require your audience to be enthralled by both speaker and message, Stan Alves delivers. Not only does Stan inform audiences, he also entertains – further enhancing the delivery of the message. Motivating, informing, persuading and adding credibility to your next event is Stan’s forte.

Stan Alves is a keynote speaker who will:

  • Inspire your audience.
  • Motivate team members.
  • Educate employees.
  • Instruct and inform players.
  • Convey complex ideas in easy-to-understand language.
  • Get the message across in an interesting way.
  • Persuade the audience to act or adopt a particular mind-set.
  • Attract attention to your firm, club or idea.
  • Add credibility to your organisation.

As a success in both his personal and professional life, culminating in the receipt of an Order of Australia medal in 2008, Stan Alves is exceedingly familiar with success and achievement. An exceptional keynote speaker, your audience will be left inspired, learned and persuaded. They will be swayed to a particular viewpoint and/or motivated to act.


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