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Ricky Nowak

Travels from: Victoria

Making sure key messages come to life, to find new ideas and solutions

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Leadership

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Ricky Nowak works in all industries across professional services, working nationally and globally. Making sure key messages come to life, to find new ideas and solutions

She is able to present leadership seminars and workshops, step in as an engaging and entertaining MC, moderate panels and well as be an impressive keynote speaker. 

Ricky began her journey as a leadership presenter in a theatre, thinking on her feet, engaging with people and improvising. Today, she is doing the same thing in conference halls and workplaces.

It’s all about communication, and Ricky is a born presenter, bringing empathy, entertainment and joy to any work she does.

She has been successfully running her own business for over 25 years, working nationally and internationally, in all industries, from the meeting room to the board room. She specialises in working with professional service industries such as finance, legal, accounting, project management, logistics, engineering, urban design, health, food, and manufacturing. 

Ricky is a a national media commentator, whose opinion on current leadership trends and behaviours is regularly sought by ABC, TripleM, 2UE, 3AW, 6PR, Daily Telegraphy, Courier Mail, The Advertiser and SBS Radio and TV. She also writes regularly for many online publications for different magazines, newspapers and current media. She has presented at over 3500 presentations at conferences, in-house training, corporate meetings, roadshows, award events and much more. 

Speaker Topics

Audacious Leadership: How to Lead with Conviction, Courage and Care
Australian leaders spend millions of dollars and hours every year developing their own capability and that of their teams, yet as a nation are undecided about what really works. Part of the reason is that more people resist standing up and out than those willing to lead with the positive audacity of conviction, courage and care. It is critical for leaders to create their own enduring leadership style, position and purpose, one that will ensure there is no ambiguity about their behaviour, actions or communication. This Audacious Leadership practical presentation will enable participants to work on developing their own leadership style, position and purpose.
How to Make Good People Great Leaders and Reap the Rewards
If you are serious about staying competitive in a fast changing business environment you need to transform your good people into decisive and inspirational leaders who have the vision to drive your business forward into a profitable future. This How to Make Good People Great Leaders practical presentation will enable participants will understand the value of their individual leadership, how to demonstrate the importance of professional values as well as take ownership of their leadership behaviours and styles
The Integrity Factor
Far from being an old fashioned notion, honourable business, and honourable business leaders, are more sought after than ever. Most of us do not expect perfection, but we do expect transparency and integrity. The same values apply when we consider our community representatives, our own lives and our relationships. It is a commercial imperative for organisations to focus on their brand reputation and their integrity without any ambiguous messages to their stakeholders, staff or the public. Participants of this interactive presentation will understand the importance of values and ethics in todays world, the role of the leader in leading by example at home, at work, and in life, as well as what integrity really means to you, your customers, friends and family.


Feedback from our members was excellent, with comments on the presentation including 'best session ever' and 'powerfully demonstrated the message'.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

As a result of your excellent presentation our staff has been able to implement effective strategies and skills when presenting to clients and get greater results.

JD MacDonald

Ricky has an innate ability to read a room and get to the heart of the matter. She challenges conventional thinking and discards pretence. Through her skilled facilitation, she creates an environment where self-reflection and learning can thrive.

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Ricky Nowak - Business Speakers

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