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A key name in industry circles recognised for excellence in Leadership

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Ricky believes Leadership excellence drives success by ensuring organisations are better positioned to face ongoing market challenges. Ricky’s focus is on leadership being “individual”. As individual as one’s unique set of fingerprints and has focused her energies on assisting business leaders turbo charge their organisation’s success.

Pivotal is her natural ability to connect immediately with diverse audiences - Ricky’s high energy presentations are on topic and on target!

Bringing people and business together, Ricky’s insightful and memorable style leaves audiences motivated and stimulated to achieve high performance results and outcomes throughout Australasia. Her background and experience in Theatre ensures that each presentation is engaging, stimulating and provides audiences with clear messages long after the presentation is over.

Speaking Topics:

Leading in Volatile Times

Volatile times demand innovative and resourceful solutions. For those in business, adjusting their strategies to meet today’s financial challenges takes time and know-how

Today’s managers and leaders are under more pressure than ever from stakeholders to come up with the answers. They need to work smarter, act quicker and respond more proactively to stay in business and keep their people committed. They need to know what to do, when to do it and what to expect so they can avert potential problems and position themselves to take advantage of the recovery that will surely follow.

Leading in Volatile Times offers practical, immediately effective business strategies applicable to all industries. The strategies are simple and easy to follow allowing you to determine the core or discretional approaches best suited to your organisation. Armed with these solutions, this presentation will help put fear and panic behind and allow you and your people to get on with the job.

How To Make Good People Great Leaders

If you’re serious about staying competitive and building business or even staying in business these days, these is one thing for sure…. “you had better be serious about finding out exactly what your people want and need, rather than second guessing or trying to create a trend and hope people will follow. People want to be informed and included”.

And that’s exactly what this interactive and engaging presentation does – gives you the know how to get going and includes your mind and body in the presentation by bringing to life the analytical, conceptual and creative all mixed together so you can thrive and survive.

From Vision to Values

There is no doubt that culture trumps strategy every time, and with this comes a connection between vision and values. Great ingredients for a healthy culture and business bottom line! This stimulating and thought provoking presentation will help connect leaders to their business, their business to their customer and their customer to the product and service.

Too often presentations leave audience with a nice to know but so-what syndrome but this presentation makes the case for a compelling conversation at work to ensure people are aligned to the vision and values of their company not just aware of the statement on the wall in reception!

Making your Mark as a Leader

Successful leaders bring together a mix of many skills and strategies that provide the right foundation and environment for success. And it is in this mix when combined with varying levels of intensity that makes things work in business. Good leaders also know that it is because of the different levels of intensity of pace and flow that leaders manage that ensures continuity and success.

This presentation covers:

  • Characteristics and traits that define the best of contemporary leadership.
  • 7 fears that hinder most people in addressing the issues that are important for them.
  • Real leaders embrace the best ideas regardless of their origin.
  • FOUR elements of leadership that are fundamental to success.
  • Demonstrating my point of difference as a Leader.
  • The Sweet Spot in Leadership.



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