Penny Burke

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A brand and communications expert who shares her '3 Laws of Marketing'

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Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Penny Burke is the founder and Director of Essence Communications, a brand and marketing communications consultancy that works with some of Australia’s best known organisations, including Specsavers, Monash University, Kennards Hire, Ambulance Victoria and Schwarzkopf; as well as entrepreneurs and a range of SMEs.

Penny has consulted to all three levels of government with a range of social marketing behaviour-change campaigns, was a Director of Australia’s largest advertising agency and has been recognised by her peers as a member of the all-time best advertising agency ‘Dream Team’.

What Penny really understands is how to BUILD FAME.

She has worked on famous and loved Australian advertising campaigns such as Pro Hart Stainmaster Carpet (‘Meester Hart, what a mess!’), ‘Not Happy Jan’ (Yellow Pages), many campaigns for Libra pads and tampons (including the early ‘High Class Murder?’ through to the more recent ‘Superman’) and the randy milkman (‘Milk. Legendary Stuff’).

Penny will share her ‘3 laws of marketing’ and show your team and organisation what everyone wants in business – FAME.

Speaker Topics

FAME for Employers
Employer Branding and employee value propositions are the buzzwords of the moment, and in this keynote Penny draws on her experiences with Australias best workplace marketers to explain the importance of building fame.
FAME for Individuals
Learn how to work out what YOU are famous for, and techniques to understand how you are really seen by those around you.
FAME for Leaders
Penny unpacks the secrets of how to be a famous leader, including her three laws of personal leadership. Gain insight into personal branding, learn techniques to understand how leaders are really seen and learn how to inspire greater achievements.
FAME for Organisations and Teams
Penny draws on her experience with Australias best marketing organisations to explain the importance of building fame, including her three laws of marketing. Audiences understand their competitive point of difference, learn how to influence thier customers to buy what they want to sell and understand how to leverage their position in the market for greater profit.
Penny Burke  - Business Speakers

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