Paul Henderson

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Speaker, Author and Consultant on creating Income from Outcomes

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Technology companies are searching for better ways to drive revenue and profit growth. Paul Henderson is a global authority on using Outcome Programs to achieve this growth. He’s literally written the book on outcomes…. two of them, in fact. 

The industry has shifted to SaaS and other ‘as-a-service’ models. The resultant shift of power back to customers has forced technology companies to change. They need new ways to improve retention and increase win-rates. That’s why powerhouse companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Adobe and many more are adopting Outcome Programs. 

Paul’s most recent book, The Outcome Generation, has been adopted by companies across the world. He appears regularly on podcasts and webinars and publishes content every week about outcomes and Outcome Programs. 

His knowledge stems from first-hand experience. He spent over five years designing and successfully running an Outcome Program across the Asia Pacific region. He did so as the Asia Pacific head of an enterprise software (ERP) company with 200 staff in nine countries supporting 800 customers. He then spent one and a half years researching and writing The Outcome Generation.

From 30-minute chats to multi-day workshops, Paul’s content and style engage audiences everywhere. And fills them with enthusiasm for applying an outcome approach to their customers.

Speaker Topics

Outcome Programs: Core Concepts and Benefits
For audiences that don’t yet have an Outcome Program and want to understand why the big companies are moving this way.
Outcome-Based Selling
Driving revenue growth without being ‘product salespeople’. Ideal for sales teams and Customer Success teams
The Eight Elements Every Outcome Program Needs to Drive Growth
For audiences who want a simple framework around which to build an Outcome Program
Using Outcomes to Build Authority and Trust with Prospects and Customers
Perfect for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams


Our experience has been fantastic. Every one of us were so pleased that you were able to apply knowledge that you had about large organisations specifically to us. The great part for us was you understood the business, were able to apply those lessons to us and helped us with that journey. So for us the benefit was application of your years of knowledge, your innovative thinking to help us add more years to our lifecycle, and to innovate our thinking process as well.


Paul Henderson - Business Speakers

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