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Paul Henderson

Travels from: New South Wales

A leading authority on IT and customer success

Categories: Business Speakers, Customer Service, Futurists & Future Trends, Sales

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Paul Henderson holds a high amount of authority on customer success programs for IT Vendors and IT Departments. 

For IT Vendors, his focus is protecting and growing revenue, particularly recurring revenue. Paul addresses a major challenge facing vendors, which is if their customers aren’t successful, they lose revenue. It’s a much bigger issue for  vendors than it ever was for traditional software companies.

The threat to revenue has accelerated interest in customer success programs over the past two years. And because the field is new, companies seek guidance which Paul is able to provide. He gives insight into which customer success programs they should implement and how to do so. 

Paul has spent over five years designing and implementing customer success programs across the Asia Pacific region. He did so as the Asia Pacific head of an enterprise software (ERP) company with over 200 staff in nine countries supporting 800 customers.

He has written two books titled 'The Cheif Capability Officer - Delivering the Capability to Execute' and 'Generation 2 Customer Success - Protecting and growing revenue for IT vendors. 

‚ÄčA successful business speaker, Paul Henderson shares his knowledge and experience with his audience. They walk away feeling confident in choosing and implementing a strategy which will aid them. 

Paul Henderson - Business Speakers

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