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Melanie Gleeson

Melanie Gleeson's vision and passion is to help women be their best, so they can live their best life.

Founding endota spa 15 years ago with a friend, Melanie focussed on the power of positive sharing and a desire for more meaningful connections. endota spa is a place where women feel cared for on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and there are now over 100 day spas across Australia.
Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula where Melanie grew up,  was the inspiration for endota spa. It is a place of light, expanse and stunning natural beauty. Inspired by the energising properties of the sun, the grounding nature of the earth and the calming effect of water, every endota spa aims to transport clients to a similarly euphoric interior space. One that ignites calm, invites relaxation and rejuvenates the spirit. endota is an indigenous word meaning beautiful and that beauty is realised the moment  a client works through the door. They are surrounded by serenity, they are greeted by our signature scent, they are encouraged to shed their outer layers and their stress. It’s not a physical beauty so much as a felt one.
The values she built the business on were Balance, Connect, Intent and Truth. Believing in cause and effect and that there must be balance with nature and humanity within our own relationships, Melanie stresses the importance of connecting with the community, with each other and importantly with our own needs.

She also believe in truthfulness and wants women to be their best and find what their truth is. Melanie believes everyone has a spark inside them that is waiting to be ignited.
With a focus on deliver exceptional customer service in an environment where women don’t feel judged, she aims for endota spa to be a haven for women to replenish their souls, a place where women can leave their concerns, their stresses and their ‘stuff’ at the door and simply have some me time. It’s an opportunity to step out of the real world for a time and into a world where the only person who matters is you.

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