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Featuring powerful and life-changing presentations, Julie Cross is a passionate speaker in her own right. Having spent seventeen years empowering, educating, energising and entertaining people, Julie has an innate ability to connect with her audience.

Julie is passionate about the power of authenticity and shares her own journey with her audiences. She leaves a long-lasting impression on everyone she meets and speaks to. 

As an award-winning speaker, Julie can customise her presentation to suit any organisation or event. With a broad repertoire, Julie covers the topics of motivation and inspiration, retail, resilience, team building, attitude, and customer service.

Committed to making an impact, Julie equips audiences with real tips, tools and insights that can be implemented immediately. 

Speaker Topics

Re-connection with Resilience and Responsibility
Julie Cross has brought resilience and responsibility back into fashion! She takes what can be a confronting message and delivers it in an inspirational and entertaining style, which has been proven to create internal shifts in audience members / delegates, and also create quantum shifts in team morale and productivity.
Service with Attitude!
An inspiring and informative presentation or workshop for all people in the business of serving, whether that is serving within the organisation to other team members or serving externally to customers and clients.
Teaming up for Success
This presentation / workshop was designed for environments where teamwork is crucial to success. The audience or group will be inspired by Julies message that we are lifted to success by those around us, whether that is our team mate, our leaders, our clients or even our family.
The Inspirational and Entertaining 'Show'
Julies show format is perfect for any event opening or closing, or for a keynote address as it is energising and inspiring! Delegates will be entertained by Julies sparkle and will be encouraged to make a shift in their thinking.
Women Making it Work
It is no secret that while Julie appeals to both male and female audiences, she has a special ability to connect with women. This presentation / workshop has been created for female-dominated workplaces / team environments to empower women to individually honour themselves, respect themselves and love themselves.


Julie has presented a number of presentations for us, the feedback we have received is always overwhelmingly positive, her presentations are always energising, engaging and thought provoking and she has the ability to engage the audience, keeping them on the edge of their seats. She presented ideas and information that clients could take back and implement into their own business and lives. She has left her mark on the hearts and minds of all that attended.

Proctor and Gamble

Julie Cross is a force of nature. She presented at our conference to a room full of leading business owners and she had them on the edge of their seats for over an hour. The standing ovation she received says it all

Business Blueprint

Julie’s story is an emotional one that will have you laughing and crying and sometimes laughing so hard that you’re crying as well. She is a masterful storyteller who weaves into her messages valuable lessons for all of us who have to step up and lead which we all do at some point in time

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Julie Cross - Business Speakers

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