Julie Cross

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Empowering, educating, energising and entertaining 

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Communication, Motivational Speakers, Women in Business

Speaker Topics

  • Re-connection with Resilience and Responsibility
  • Service with Attitude!
  • Teaming up for Success
  • The Inspirational and Entertaining 'Show'
  • Women Making it Work

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Julie Cross, by her own admission, is not your “run-of-the-mill professional speaker”. In fact, Julie jokes that she prefers the title “passionate speaker”, and that’s what makes her so memorable, and her presentations so incredibly powerful and life-changing.

An experienced speaker with 17 years under her belt empowering, educating, energising and entertaining people (and some of the world’s biggest corporate brands) the country over, Julie has an innate ability to connect with her audiences. She’s not all about reciting clichéd quotes and retelling ‘same-old, same-old’ stories.

Julie believes in the power of authenticity, of telling it how it is, of sharing her own journey and being both brave and vulnerable at the same time, which leaves a longlasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience one of her shows.

While she’s committed to entertaining her audiences and making them laugh, Julie is all about the end result and ensuring audience leave with very real tips, tools and insights they can apply to their careers, businesses and personal lives.

A multi-award winning speaker, Julie can customise her presentation to suit any organisation or event’s needs. Her repertoire is broad, including but not limited to motivation and inspiration, retail, resilience, team building, attitude, and customer service.

Julie' Speaking topics include:  

  • The Inspirational and Entertaining ‘Show’ - perfect for any event opening or closing, or for a keynote address as it’s energising and inspiring.
  • Women Making it Work - a presentation/workshop which has been created for female-dominated workplaces/team environments, empowering women in the workplace. 
  • Reconnection with Resilience and Responsibility - Julie covers a confronting message whilst delivering it in an entertaining way which it sure to create internal shifts in every audience member
  • Service with Attitude! - an inspiring and informative presentation or workshop for all people in the business of serving. 
  • Teaming up for Success - this presentation/workshop was designed for environments where teamwork is crucial to success.
Julie Cross - Business Speakers

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