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One of Australia's leading business growth experts.

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Jason Cunningham is one of Australia's leading business growth experts. He’s driven to help business owners get the full financial and lifestyle rewards they deserve for all the hard work and risk. His experience, viewpoint and personality make him a unique and relatable voice in the SME space.

As a business owner, author, media commentator and keynote speaker, Jason has inspired thousands of business owners to make more profit and create the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. He combines over two decades of experience advising business owners with lessons from his own business-owner journey, along with cutting-edge insights from world-class experts.

His practical content and engaging style create presentations that entertain and inform in equal measure. The audience get practical, proven and actionable tools and tactics they can implement in their own business.

Jason has been a member of Channel 10's The Living Room for over six years, is the finance guru on Triple M’s drive-time program The Rush Hour, and spent nine years talking money on SEN1116's The Run Home. He’s been featured on Sky News, Hinch Live and Studio 10 as well as in print media and multiple blogs.

Business is in Jason’s blood. At 24, he co-founded The Practice (www.thepractice.com.au), a business and personal wealth advisory firm which turns over $15 million per year and serves a diverse client base.

His latest book, Have Your Cake And Sell It Too: The 7 Key Ingredients of Business Success gives owners a roadmap to live the dream: build a profitable business they love owning, and grow an asset that others will pay top dollar to buy.

Speaker Topics

Have Your Cake (and sell it too!)
Some owners get a great financial return from their business, but are slaves to it. Others have enviable lifestyles, but no money to enjoy their freedom. Jason argues you can have it all: get full return for your efforts now, in the form of profits and lifestyle, and later, in the form of a highly valuable business asset that someone will pay top dollar for. The best bit? You do not actually need to sell your business; but building a business that is highly sellable means it is not only ready to be sold for a truckload of cash, it is also a delight to own in the here and now.
Rogue Accountant: Why your financials come last
What, an accountant that does not look at his financials? Jason Cunningham is not your average accountant. While he loves and respects numbers, he does not get caught up in them. In fact, he never even looks at his business financials! He argues that your financials are the last thing business owners should focus on, especially for strategic decision making; there are far more important factors that dictate the success (or otherwise) of your business. Learn the real drivers of business success, and discover the simple tools to harness these drivers so your business keeps moving in the right direction.
Sack Yourself!
Business owners are the biggest success factor for their business but all too often they are also the biggest barrier holding the business back. To truly achieve business success, you need to be able to separate yourself from your business, so you can engage with it on your terms: come and go as you please, cherry pick the clients you want to work on, take a holiday when you need one. Best of all, by sacking yourself, you will build a self sufficient business that runs just as well when you are off having a life.
What, How, Why?
Understanding your business, your purpose, what you stand for, and why you do what you do it, is arguably the single biggest change agent for business success. Leveraging world class thinkers, and his own experience helping other businesses and growing his own, Jason shares the power of understanding your business, and the secrets of successfully articulating your what, how and why.


We had Jason Cunningham present to 100+ employees in a tailored session called “Six Steps to Staying (financially) Positive and Preparing for the Turnaround" during our work from home times due to Covid. Jason’s positive energy is contagious, and he managed to connect with the audience and keep them engaged for a full hour over Zoom, while also keeping the content relevant and relatable. I loved Jason’s can-do attitude and positive outlook, every interaction with Jason leaves you feeling lifted and energized.

Equinix Australia

Jason proved to be a huge success at the Sutherland Shire Council Small Business Summit. Speaking to over 220 small business owners, his energy had them glued to every word and was able to leave them inspired to do something different. The simplicity of his ‘7 key ingredients to business Success’ and his real business experience really resonated with small business owners in the room. Straight after the presentation some comments from the audience were ‘ I’m going to simplify my business plan and put it up on every desk’ and ‘I’m going to step back and look at my business efficiencies’ ‘I loved his recommendation of going to work every day thinking of how you could sell it! Thanks Jason.

Sutherland Shire Council

Jason tailored his presentation to our audience perfectly - looping in references to their floral businesses and really capturing their thoughts, and engaging them throughout. Jason also had the skill to be able to remember individuals' names sitting in the audience, which really did add a level of personal delivery that was truly inspirational, when he referred to them by name as specific points throughout his talk. When this was added to Jason's personal financial journey, the room was attentive beyond what I could have imagined and hoped for. I was truly thrilled with the level of engagement Jason commanded and the vibrant, animated approach he took. He was assiduous in pointing out the relationship between finance and small business and the audience enjoyed it thoroughly. I can highly recommend Jason to potential clients wanting him to appear at their functions.

Interflora Australia

Jason Cunningham spoke at an event and I’m still buzzing from the energy that Jason brought to the group. He’s full of passion & integrity, he’s bold, but always guaranteed to entertain and educate a group of passionate business builders. If you’re thinking of hiring Jason for an event, I say do it!


Jason brings a unique perspective (plus a truckload of passion and energy) that our audience laps up. By challenging and inspiring in equal measure, he helps the audience to achieve results they never thought possible.

Key Person of Influence Australia

Hi Jason, many thanks for your highly-motivating presentation. It was a dynamic and thought-provoking session that our members responded to extremely well. Great job.

Swimming Pool & Spa Association

Jason Cunningham - Business Speakers

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