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Have Your Cake (and sell it too!)

Some owners get a great financial return from their business, but are slaves to it. Others have enviable lifestyles, but no money to enjoy their freedom. Jason argues you can have it all: get full return for your efforts now, in the form of profits and lifestyle, and later, in the form of a highly valuable business asset that someone will pay top dollar for. The best bit? You do not actually need to sell your business; but building a business that is highly sellable means it is not only ready to be sold for a truckload of cash, it is also a delight to own in the here and now. Read less
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Rogue Accountant: Why your financials come last

What, an accountant that does not look at his financials? Jason Cunningham is not your average accountant. While he loves and respects numbers, he does not get caught up in them. In fact, he never even looks at his business financials! He argues that your financials are the last thing business owners should focus on, especially for strategic decision making; there are far more important factors that dictate the success (or otherwise) of your business. Learn the real drivers of business success, and discover the simple tools to harness these drivers so your business keeps moving in the right direction. Read less
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Sack Yourself!

Business owners are the biggest success factor for their business but all too often they are also the biggest barrier holding the business back. To truly achieve business success, you need to be able to separate yourself from your business, so you can engage with it on your terms: come and go as you please, cherry pick the clients you want to work on, take a holiday when you need one. Best of all, by sacking yourself, you will build a self sufficient business that runs just as well when you are off having a life. Read less
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What, How, Why?

Understanding your business, your purpose, what you stand for, and why you do what you do it, is arguably the single biggest change agent for business success. Leveraging world class thinkers, and his own experience helping other businesses and growing his own, Jason shares the power of understanding your business, and the secrets of successfully articulating your what, how and why. Read less
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Jason Cunningham

The business expert and media commentator helping Australian businesses succeed

As one of Australia's leading business growth experts, Jason Cunningham has been helping business owners maximise their financial and lifestyle rewards. With years in the industry, he is regularly consulted for his expertise within the SME space.

Jason co-founded The Practice at 24 and quickly developed a successful track record with the business and personal wealth advisory firm. As a successful business owner himself, Jason draws on over two decades of personal experiences and expert advice to innovate in the corporate sector. 

He provides insightful commentary on a range of Australian programs, including as a long-time member of Channel 10’s The Living Room. He is also the resident finance guru for Triple M’s The Rush Hour, after contributing his commentary to SEN1116’s The Run Home for over nine years.

He continues to share insight on a range of outlets, including Sky News, Hinch Live and Studio 10.

Jason has also written extensively on the art of business. His latest book, Have Your Cake And Sell It Too: The 7 Key Ingredients of Business Success, provides a detailed roadmap for Australians to build a profitable business.

Having inspired thousands of business owners to succeed, Jason’s keynote presentations are practical and highly engaging. He adapts his strategies to any industry, sharing the same tools and tactics that helped him build his own successful business.


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