Jamie Totino

The successful entrepreneur behind Australia’s first healthy vending machine franchise

Whether it's his diverse experiences as a tradie and football player, or his highly successful entrepreneurship career, Jamie Totino has been making a positive impact across the country with his strategies for great leadership and teamwork.

Jamie began his leadership career at 19, where he led teams across some of Melbourne’s largest construction sites. Combined with his brief but successful stint in professional AFL, Jamie demonstrates his natural talent for leading teams to success.

Since then, Jamie has taken his management skills to entrepreneurship, where he is best known as the powerhouse visionary behind Australia’s first healthy vending machine franchise RealFood Vending. Leading the brand as founder and director, Jamie turned the idea into a national franchise in 2020, cementing his reputation as an innovative leader in Australia’s food industry.

An incredibly successful business leader, Jamie has been a two-time finalist in the Business News Australia Entrepreneur Awards, as well as a nominee for the Telstra Business Awards. 

With a built-in desire to support his community, Jamie also supports a range of charity organisations like Oz Harvest, who he frequently collaborates to create greater social impact across the country.

Jamie is passionate about leading others to innovate and drive change in their industry. Having learnt key mindsets for resilience and success, he is keen to share his life lessons with others as the producer and host of the Learn Grow Do Repeat podcast. He also mentors business leaders around Australia through his own business coaching program, guiding them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, Jamie inspires organisations with his business expertise. His unique philosophies have helped him across his professional and personal life, making him a leading expert on leadership, business and franchising, creative innovation and mindset management. 

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