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Donna McGeorge

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Adaptive Capacity: Give Yourself the Space to Pause, Think and Respond

In 2020 and 2021, the word “pivot” became the catch cry of those needing to respond to the changing working and living environment. Ultimately, it was an organization’s (or an individual’s) adaptive capacity that determine who succeeded and who struggled. By optimizing their adaptive capacity, organizations, teams and individuals can gain a competitive advantage. In this keynote Donna reveals strategies that will build your capacity to react faster and better than your competition, as well as the four types of capacity and their impact on our productivity. Read less
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Anywhere Anytime

Let us stop talking about virtual teams. Virtual means not real. These are real people in real teams. Let us also stop talking about how hard it is. When you get the basics right and lay a decent foundation, you can achieve twice the results you expected with half the effort. Whether you are working in a remote team, or leading one, this session will help you build positive and strong relationships over any distance, facilitate effective meetings that encourage engagement and healthy debate, and make the shift from cooperation to collaboration using simple tools and techniques Read less
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Making Work Work

No leader, middle or frontline manager leaves for work in the morning with the aim of upsetting their team members or colleagues, and deliberately set on derailing projects. Yet it happens, and it happens a lot. While the existing systems in your organisation and lack of resources can create a toxic environment that your team can not perform its best in, often you cannot change this. But there is one thing that you can always alter to improve your workplace, make your work more enjoyable and your team more effective, your attitude and behaviour. Donna and her stories and strategies will inspire you to work with what you have and change whatever is holding you back. Read less
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Permission Granted

What rules, rituals and routines do you have in your life or at work that are holding you back? So often it seems like we are waiting for permission from someone or something to do things differently. This session will help people to focus on things that are important to them, practise self care and compassion, and make positive changes in their world Read less
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The 1 Day Refund: Take back time, Spend It Wisely

Based on her best-selling productivity series, "It’s About Time”, Donna brings the best of her knowledge to help people build adaptive capacity into their lives. As a believer that it’s about time we overcome overwhelm, take back control and focus on what’s important, Donna will reveal strategies to develop a savings plan to take back time and spent it wisely. Audiences will also learn the four types of space that they need to focus on to create capacity as well as how to leverage each space. Read less
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The 15% Rule: Create A Productivity Buffer

In life, it has been said that successful people are those that are willing to go longer and harder than others. Yet, some of the most successful people around the globe have shown that extreme effort doesn’t always yield extreme results. In this keynote, Donna shares how success is about effort in the right place, and the right time and at just the right level. Audiences will learn why going hard and being “on” all the time is making you less productive and how to get it right. Donna will also share how athletes, entertainers and inventors know why having a 15% buffer helps them be more successful as well as techniques to help you take back 15% and give yourself room to breathe. Read less
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The 25 Minute Meeting

Sharpen your focus and tighten your time frames to get more done in less time. Meetings have become a de facto way of working, and as they pile up and stretch to interminable lengths, they eat up our days and sink productivity especially if they are poorly planned and run. Done well, meetings are short, sharp, productive affairs that provide critical time and space for the interactions that drive business forward. This session shows you how to effectively and efficiently recover your time with a roadmap to the better meetings. Read less
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The First 2 Hours: Make Better Use of Your Most Valuable Time

The way you plan your day is the key to your productivity and Donna shows you how you can make the most of your day while avoiding the common productivity traps. In this keynote, she draws on research from neuroscience, energy flow and the body’s natural rhythms, to reveal how to divide the workday into two-hour blocks in line with the level of intensity and impact required. Audiences will learn how to recognize the habits holding them back and how to rewire them, as well as how to maximize their first two hours and set themselves up for daily success. Ultimately, Donna will help audiences track their patterns to create a more personalized workflow. Read less
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Donna McGeorge

The Productivity Coach: Author, Speaker and Transformer of Company Culture

As a speaker, trainer and facilitator, Donna offers practical tools and advice that will transform company culture by implementing changes according to individual, team and company needs. Combining high-energy delivery, good humour and strong people skills, she encourages individual problem-solving, initiative, empowerment and self-accountability.

With such a wide range of careers in her CV, including Manager of Theatre for Sports & Concert Tours for the UK-based Keith Prowse as well as roles at Telstra, Qantas, Ernst & Young and Ansett, Donna is known as The Productivity Coach. She is incredibly passionate about efficiency, dedicating herself to enhancing the amount of time spent in the workplace so that it is both effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

In 2014, Donna moved to China to challenge herself. During this time, she worked as the Asia-Pacific Organizational Development Manager for the Ford Motor Company in Shanghai and initiated new organizational design, development and strategic planning.  Two years later, Donna returned to Australia wiser and with new skills.

For over twenty years, she has worked with managers and leaders throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific. Using her extensive experience, Donna has brought about positive organizational change in global organizations such as Nissan Motor Company, Jetstar, Medibank Private and Ford Motor Company.

Donna believes that while workplaces are complex, they are not hard and that usually, it’s by getting the simple things right, consistently, that has the greatest impact. She encourages others to be intentional with their work, and believes that by doing so, they’ll be surprised with what they can achieve.

During the global pandemic, Donna tailored her presentation to better suit the climate, discussing the effects of Covid-19 and how to make work from home work via virtual broadcasting such as Zoom events, live streaming and video-conferencing.

She has appeared on national television as well as on radio and in newspapers and magazines as a leading commentator on productivity and time management.

Donna is the author of ten books, including "Captivate”, "The First 2 Hours”, "Permission Granted”, "Captivate”, "The 25-Minute Meeting”, "Making Work Work”, "Engaging Training”, "Visual Vocab”, "The Pen is Mightier than the Slide”, and "EpiphaMe” co-authored with Maree Burgess.

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