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Being Human in an AI World

Delve into the opportunities AI presents, alongside the essential human skills that continue to drive success in the business world.

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High Performance Workdays

Get a ridiculous amount done in your day without having to work long, tedious hours. In this keynote Donna shares why we should be paying more attention the clock in our body rather than the one on the wall.

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Incredible Ways of Working

Practical Strategies for a Fulfilling Work Life. Revolutionise your approach to work with practical, actionable insights that will empower you to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

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Donna McGeorge

The Productivity Coach, Author, Speaker and Transformer of Company Culture

Donna McGeorge is a global authority on workplace and personal productivity. She has 4 best-selling books and has written for Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fast company. In 2024 she will be featured in the hbr.org book Boundaries, Priorities, and Finding Work-Life Balance, as well as partnering with a major Australian University to conduct research into workplace productivity.

Donna is a believer in the power of intentional living, and she knows that creating space for thinking, planning, and growing is key to achieving it. She understands that the gaps, pauses, and spaces in between are necessary fuel for the fire, providing the chance to step back and breathe.

Donna challenges old and existing concepts of time management and productivity, championing a new, more personalised approach. She knows that the best way to combat the myth of "wasted time" is to live deliberately, and she is passionate about empowering individuals, teams, and organisations to be more purposeful.

40-year-old traditional time management theories just don’t cut it for modern workplaces where everything is urgent. Donna is all about finding you space. Space to think, breathe, live and work. Space to choose. Space for what’s important.

Donna’s strength is her sense of humour coupled with a depth of insight and knowledge leading to a highly pragmatic approach to achieving more, by doing less.



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