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Diana Williams

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fernwood Fitness

As Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fernwood Fitness, Diana Williams saw a niche in the market and rushed to fill it. With no female gyms in the mid 80’s, Diana went on the path of entrepreneurship and made Fernwood Fitness a household name, as well as opened over 70 clubs across Australia. 

Aware of the benefits of strength training, Diana recognised the most women avoided weights, so she set about changing the way we work out. Fernwood provides women with an alternative to working out in a mixed-gym environment.

Establishing the business in 1989, the business now turns over more than $75 million and employs 2,000 people. Diana has built the business to be the largest of its kind within Australia, with over 80,000 members. 

Through Diana’s leadership, Fernwood continues to develop, making sure it remains a comfortable environment for all women. Offering yoga, weights, and personal training, Fernwood offers a holistic approach to women’s wellbeing. 

Diana is also passionate about building a strong management team. She works with her management team to develop procedures and processes that cement Fernwood’s position in the fitness industry. 

Diana’s exceptional customer commitment has made her a favourite speaker. She is passionate about women’s health, leadership and business. 

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