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Carolyn Stenhouse

Travels from: Victoria

Learn from someone who is passionate about people development

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Human Resources

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Carolyn is passionate about people development and it shows. She makes amazing connections with people and you will be drawn to her warmth, her bright mind, her humour and energy.

Whether it’s private individuals or organisational personnel, Carolyn delivers stunning and quick results that give the kind of changes you’d always hoped for.

Combining the rare qualities of academic rigor with street smarts, Carolyn impresses with her ability to say the hard to hear in ways that you will want to hear.

With years of experience at the top of government agencies, Carolyn has since grown leading consultancy firms with people development at their core. Social Justice courses through Carolyn’s veins, informing her practice and the work of the Stenhouse Foundation.

Speaker Topics

How to change your organisation and get everyone in harmony.
Conflict Management
Most people prefer to think it is all the other party. It seldom is.
Impact and Influence
Start thinking and feeling about yourself in a new way. Only then can you influence.
Everyone expects you to be the hero. Find out how great leaders inspire action.
Carolyn Stenhouse - Business Speakers

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