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Explore how technology is going to change the world

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Byron Reese has a gift for storytelling and has shared his messages with audiences around the world. Passionate about the empowering power of technology, Byron works to help people imagine a better world, and then build it.

Byron is an entrepreneur himself and uses his experiences to teach audiences how they can excel in the world of tomorrow, and how to implement technology successfully.

Speaker Topics

Automation, AI and the Future of Work
Dispelling the myths around these topics, Byron focuses on how employees of all skill levels can use technology to increase their own productivity. He explores how technology will reshape the workplace.
Education in the 21st Century
Learn how education will be different in the next decade, what skills will be needed in the future and discover what a 21st century education could look like.
How to Innovate in a Rapidly Changing World
Futurist, author and technologist, Byron explains how business operating in industries that are undergoing dramatic changes can prosper and succeed. Learn how to profit and innovate in times of change, how AI will change business and how to use AI in business.
Robots and Jobs
The idea that robots are coming for your job constantly bombards the media on a daily basis. Byron believe this notion is wrong and encourages audiences to explore the advancement in technology and consider the vast possibilities in which humans become extremely valuable.
The Coming Golden Age of Humanity
Focussing on how change happens and its worldwide effect, Byron demonstrates how current advances in technology will ultimately bring an end to poverty, disease, hunger, ignorance and war. Explore what to expect for the coming golden age of humanity and how technology will transform the world.
The Fourth Age: Answering the Big Questions of Tomorrow
Identifying some of the big questions within technology, AI and robots, Byron helps audiences to discover and apply their own beliefs and values to come up with satisfiable and understandable answers.
The Jobs of Tomorrow
Byron tells audiences the story of technology’s advancement, from the invention of language until today. Discover with him what is to come and how you can make the most out of these times.
The Next Seven Years
The next seven years will bring change that is unforeseeable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it. In this topic, Byron shows audiences how they can brace for the change that is coming.
Byron Reese - Business Speakers

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