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Evolve Your EI

As one of the Top 5 skills of the future, Emotional Intelligence is still misunderstood by many, with up to 75% of people not able to explain what EI means let alone how
to grow it.

The level in which we are self-aware, manage our emotions, communicate, interact and take action during an everchanging and challenging environment, determines the long-term impact on our relationships, performance levels and our overall success.

We will tap into the subconscious mind to discover the key elements of the 5 areas of emotional intelligence, the workings of the emotional brain and how to Evolve your EI right now!

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Own Your Shit - Signature Keynote

There is only one thing we have control over in this world; ourselves.

Wishing we had 'more', complaining of what we don't have or blaming others for our current state and problems, lacks ownership and overall EI.

Owning our Shit is the start of a self-awareness conquest to understand the role that we play in every situation, the beliefs and values driving us and how to build our Emotional Intelligence.
It's time to Take Control of our lives, work with
what we have and own our priorities. Only then can
we truly become the Unstoppable version of

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The Information Hangover Cure

Attending a conference commonly creates an information hangover in our brains with over 90% of people unlikely to implement anything that they hear or learn post the conference.

Don't let this happen at your conference! 

We have the best intentions to implement what we have learnt, yet the way our brain is wired makes it extremely hard to do.

This powerful session will show us how to hijack the information hangover using EI to bring together the key learnings and energy for achieving post-conference implementation.

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Amy Jacobson

An insightful and inspirational speaker, Amy Jacobson is an EI and human behaviour specialist with a strong passion for helping people reach their full potential.

Author, media personality, and an EI and human behaviour specialist,  Amy Jacobson has dedicated over 19 years to breaking down misconceptions around emotional intelligence and helping as many people as possible to increase their EI.

Amy is an internationally recognised practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. She is also a Certified Level 2 Advanced Coach and holds Associate Diplomas in Management and Financial Services. Amy has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, with 15 years spent in senior positions and with previous roles including transforming teams and the performance of businesses across Service Delivery, New Business/Sales, Project Management, Product and Technical.

Amy is an experienced EI specialist, passionate speaker, and highly sought-after inspirational coach. She works with businesses and career-minded people across Australia and the international markets to achieve outstanding results, ignite passion and develop strengths. 

With a passion for helping people grow and improve their EI, Amy guides her clients on using emotional intelligence to create a clear career path to high performance and success. She combines tough lough and infectious energy and uses custom-developed tools and systems to develop purpose-driven teams that get results.


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