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Matt Church

Travels from: New South Wales

Founder of Thought Leaders Global and authority on Thought Leadership.  

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Communication, Leadership

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Matt Church is committed to helping people prepare for tomorrow by taking action today. His philosophy can be summed up in one word NEXT! What is the best next thing you can do to future proof your business or career?

He is a strategic thinker obsessed with the idea of leverage. While many are painting a scary view of the future he sees one full of potential. Whether its what he writes, his direct advice to thought leaders or his conference presentations delivered to audiences around the world, Matt communicates with deep focus, commercial clarity and a razor sharp wit on three things: removing fear and replacing it with confidence, removing confusion and replacing with certainty and mobilising people in pursuit of a better future.

Matt is one of the nations best keynote speakers. He blends inspiration, education and entertainment to create world class conference presentations. He will bring insight, challenge and hope to almost any conference agenda. His ability to take a brief, and craft a compelling message that serves a meeting agenda is second to none. Smart, funny and thought provoking.

A prolific author, his publishing history is a demonstration of his polymathic nature, and his ability to draw from this incredibly diverse sphere of knowledge means he can often shed new light on a topic which an industry has “done to death”. From this space, Matt inspires people to think, expertly delivering key messages and weaving them together with narratives from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are watershed moments in industry and business culture. He is without a doubt one of the top strategic thinkers in the world.

30 years ago Matt studied sports science at NSW university, in 1993 was voted Australian Fitness Leader of the year and was the Asia pacific master trainer for Step Reebok™. His first book, written 25 years ago, focuses on the business of fitness, and he has been helping clever people be commercially smart ever since. Believing powerfully in the idea that your commercial success is best achieved by delivering value beyond expectations.

It’s about understanding how you best make a difference to the human condition, however that looks. His next chapter saw him working with leaders on team performance asking the question, how do the best get better? In 2000 ABC published his Chemistry of Success™ series and Adrenalin Junkies™ became a national best seller published in 5 countries.

Moving from corporate wellness to conference speaking, Matt quickly rose to the top of the profession and for 15 years received every award the industry could bestow. In 2014 he was inducted into the professional speaker Hall of Fame having received the service, education and excellence awards from the professional speakers association. Globally the International Federation of Professional Speakers recognised him as one the top 21 most influential people in the industry on the planet. E-Speakers, the largest industry marketplace puts him as one of the Top10 motivational speakers globally.

In 2001, Matt founded Thought Leaders™ once again giving back and building on the idea that great leaders create great leaders. Realising he could only make a difference to the people he met he started to focus on developing Thought Leaders who themselves would go on to capture, package and deliver what they know so that they could go on and make a difference.

It’s this ripple effect that sits as the central metaphor behind Matt’s life and the thought leaders logo. Once again focusing on the commercial value exchange he helps consultants get their value proposition right and in 2012 he and his business partner Peter Cook created a business school that realised the ideal of being inspired by the company you keep. 

The Thought Leaders tribe is an exceptional group of people, last year alone 17 of the 19 non fiction business books published by Wiley in Australia were thought leaders.

Speaker Topics

Amplifiers: The power of motivational leadership to inspire and motivate
Organisations looking to develop their leaders so they amplify the best in themselves and their teams should look no further than the author of the most practical book on the subject.
Chemistry of Success: The art of living and the science of performance
Having commenced his career studying the science of high performance, Matt Church presents a practical and entertaining keynote on how to create a healthy balanced life. This presentation is based on his successful book Highlife 24/7 and explores the chemistry of success.
Next: Thoughts about tomorrow you can talk about today
The simple fact is that the world is changing at an ever increasing rate. Technological advances are creating shifting paradigms in every industry across the globe, and it is a trend which we need to stand up and take notice of.
Thought Leaders: Helping clever people be commercially smart
Matt delivers a presentation on thought leadership, which is the ideal catalyst for change. If you want to harness the intelligence within your organisation, this keynote will help the best and brightest shine even brighter. It will help to identify and release potential and also activate greater activity and innovation.


An extremely engaging and motivational speaker. Matt’s infectious energy held the day together flawlessly for our audience. As a thought leader, Matt’s insight and take on insurance challenged the way we think about the future direction of our industry


Matt was an exceptional speaker at our conference. Not only did he challenge the audience, he engaged them, provided humour and left us asking ourselves some tough questions on how we need to change and evolve to continue as a successful and growing organisation. After the presentation many managers referred to Matt’s session to keep and build momentum of the key messages. A true inspiration!


Matt Church - Business Coaching

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