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Catherine Plano

International keynote presenter, executive coach and leadership development professional

An international keynote presenter, executive coach and leadership development professional, Catherine Plano does it all to help audiences transform their lives and become fully aware of their potential. She is known as an innovative leader who is passionate in her goal to help people achieve whatever they desire.

Catherine can be described as a strong leader who honours individual strength and wisdom and assists business leaders to assemble strong and effective teams. This enables teams to think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations, enabling reflection, change and growth to occur, resulting in better teamwork and an abundance of opportunities. Catherine’s dedication to helping people reach greatness and change their lives in a positive manner has seen her work with a wide range of people including international teams, executives, businesses, women and teenagers. With over two years of working with audiences, she has touched more than 100,000 lives with her inspirational and motivational words.

She also holds several certificates from renowned organisations including from the Life Coaching Institute of Australia, Neurofeedback BCI and the Association for Integrative Psychology, which ensures that Plano is fully equipped with the skills to aid any organisation.

As well as assisting organisations, Catherine has also enabled online access to her coaching and guidance, allowing individuals regardless of where they are, to learn and grow at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face services. Through this process, Catherine invites everyone globally to tap into their potential for greatness, at the hope it betters their mindsets and ultimately creates a better world.

Catherine Plano is an inspirational speaker who has a passion for creating a better world through the unlocking of individual’s potential. She helps them realise what they desire from life and helps them reach their goal whether it be in love, health, wealth, happiness or success. Catherine can speak to any audience and take them on a personal journey making them recognise what they deserve from life.

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