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Tony Mowbray - Adventure & Challenge - Record breaking non-stop solo and unassisted aroun ...

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Tony Mowbray

Record breaking non-stop solo and unassisted around the world sailing trip

Speaking on ‘the power of dedication’, Tony Mowbray uses his personal story to inspire audiences and equip them with the tools required to achieve success in today’s industry climate. 

Using a sincere and contemporary presentation model, Tony shares his own lessons learnt to ensure audiences walk away with an understanding. 

Tony covers several topics in his presentations including goal setting, perspective and reward, and dedication. He explores how individuals have the ability to motivate those around them with what they do and how they do it. 

Having produced two documentaries of his adventures, Tony is passionate about enlightening any audience he is in front of.

His past work involves holding senior gross sales management positions in finance, insurance and property industries, as well as holding the tile of Managing Director of three communications corporations. 

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