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Climb Your Own Everest

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to stand on the summit of Mt Everest, the highest point on earth. Thirty seven years later, his son Peter also stood on the summit. In this presentation, Peter Hillary shares what it took to get the first father and son to the top of the world. His 10 Steps include hilarious and spine-tingling anecdotes about his climb that will transport your audience to another world. Most importantly however, it will leave your people with a “can-do” attitude to achieving goals in their own lives.

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K2 Crisis: Survive and Thrive

The story of those who died – and those who survived – on the world’s most savage mountain, K2. Because surviving is the name of the game.

Peter Hillary was the only survivor of a group of eight climbers heading for the summit of K2 in 1995. To the other seven climbers the conditions seemed fine for a summit bid. But not for Peter. His intuition made him question going on. It was a combination of not liking the look of a bank of cloud, and something less tangible; a feeling of unease and disquiet at ascending the final slopes to the summit. The words of his father, Sir Edmund Hillary, rang in his ears: “Never be afraid to stand alone.” Peter listened to his intuition and started back down the mountain. His climbing partners were calling out to “come on up!” For a short time he wondered if he would regret his decision, if his friends were to come down in triumph from successfully reaching the summit. But after a night of terror battling a ferocious storm, Peter Hillary was the only one of the group to come off the mountain alive. 

In this presentation, Peter tells the gripping and often painful story of losing his colleagues, and explores how he came to make the right decision on the day.

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To the Ends of the Earth

A 15 year quest that took Peter Hillary to the North Pole, the South Pole, and the summit of Mt Everest:

the Dream, the Drive, and the Dedication to the Goal.

Peter Hillary’s extraordinary life of adventure has taken him to the very ends of the earth.

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Uncertainty and Change

In these challenging times, the one thing we can be certain of is change! Learning to adjust and adapt to the challenge of a constantly changing outlook is an essential skill of a mountaineer. 
This presentation addresses the challenge of change and looks at the attributes and attitudes required to deal with it. Peter’s speech is a series of amazing stories from Himalayan mountaineering expeditions to polar journeys in Antarctica which illustrate how change is often inevitable and it is your ability to cope with it that is the critical factor.
We must learn to refocus on a new or changed objective when the situation changes, we need to learn to effect change and we need to revel in the experience! It is your enthusiasm and your adaptability that gets you through the challenge of change … with a smile on your face!

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Peter Hillary

Presentations on challenges, change, achievement and survival.

Peter Hillary’s life is a testament to setting goals and achieving them. His skill, driving ambition, and good judgement have enabled him to summit mountains and survive ferocious storms and avalanches.

He is a communicator, a storyteller and a skilled assessor of what works and what doesn’t in critical situations. With a history of world class achievements in climbing, he is an inspiring adventurer from one of the great families of mountaineering. Like his father, the late Sir Edmund Hillary, who made the first ascent of Mt Everest in 1953, Peter has summited Everest and reached the South Pole on skis, forging a new route across Antarctica. The names Everest and Hillary are forever linked, and Peter continues to climb in the Himalayas and raise funds to support schools and hospitals for the people of the Everest region in Nepal.

Peter is a dynamic and easy speaker, with a dry wit and a flair for storytelling; he has spoken to audiences ranging from 12 to 12,000. He enjoys captivating audiences with authentic, spinetingling and at times hilarious stories about his adventures that transport audiences to another world. He links his own challenges to the achievement of goals for any individual, and focuses on the importance of preparation, perseverance, teamwork, caution and good judgement – as well as enjoying the journey.

The consistent feedback is that it leaves people charged, motivated and raring to go.


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