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How to Hire the Right Motivational Speaker

Hiring the right motivational speaker for your event is easily done, with our help of course. What we will need from you first is some information about your event;

One of the most important things you need to do when looking to hire a motivational speaker for your conference is to decide what you want your delegates to take away from the presentation.

It is worth spending some time talking to the key stake holders to find the important messages they want delivered, don’t worry if they don’t have time to do this, push them to make time, after all it is their vision you need to deliver. Then also talk to the delegates to find out what kind of speaker would be appealing to them. A advanced conference survey is always a useful tool to assit with this process.

That way when you speak to us we will be able to consider all aspects for you in finding the right presenter or motivational speaker.

Having as much information as possible on the people in the audience is one of the most important pieces of information we have to work with, the more you can tell us about who they are and what motivates them, the better.

If you have engaged motivational speakers in the past for your conferences it is always handy to have a list of names for us and the feedback that you have received for them.

If you have not used motivational speakers in the past don’t fear, that’s what we are here to assist you with!

Now try to establish as much information as possible in relation to the logistics of the event.

Date: It’s ideal to have this at the time of enquiry so we don’t send you options that may end up not been available for your conference, but we can work without it if you are still in the planning stages

Start Time: Morning or afternoon is fine to get the ball rolling if you don’t know the exact time

Presentation Length: Most commonly 50 min plus 10 min Q & A for a keynote or a 4 hours call for master of ceremonies

Presentation type: Keynote, Workshop, Sales Training, Comedy Spot, Master of Ceremonies

Location: The territory is fine if you don’t have the exact venue confirmed yet

Audience: The audience size and type of people in the room; All Staff, C-Suite, Management, clients etc.

Use your Keynote Entertainment consultant as much as possible, no question is too big or too small for us. The more information we can retrieve from you the better and don’t be afraid to lean on us as much as possible to make sure that we get the right guest speaker and so you can get on with the million other things you have to do for your event…..after all that’s what we are hear for!

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