How to book a great motivational speaker to close your conference

Now that your conference has been a triumph and you have provided attendees with a wealth of useful information using the conference speakers. How do you wrap this up to put you over the top and have people looking forward to next year?  Simple.  You book the right closing speaker.   Your choice of closing speakers will be what your delegates take away with them and you have to make sure you finish on a high note.

You need to make sure you choose the most appropriate and engaging motivational speakers to suit the needs of you, your organisation and your event.  Someone who will engage, uplift and motivate your delegates and leave them wanting more.

Booking the right speaker will guarantee a memorable close to your event.  Some fantastic suggestions for your closer are;

Dr Richard Harris is the 2019 Co-Australian of the Year and has become a frequent name in both national and international media after his heroic involvement in the Thai Cave rescue. His previous cave diving experience combined with his expert medical knowledge, saw him advise, overlook and navigate the treacherous and dangerous conditions to save the lives of twelve young soccer players and their coach.

Turia Pitt is one of the most inspiring people on the keynote speaking circuit, she provides inspiration to anyone who thought they couldn't achieve their goals. In September 2011 Turia entered a 100-kilometre ultra-marathon that would change her life forever. During this race, Turia became trapped by a grassfire that swept through the Kimberley region. The former model and fitness enthusiast suffered the worst burns doctors had ever seen. Turia had to fight for survival while in a two-month coma but against the odds she survived. She has made an inspirational recovery including finishing the Ironman Triathlon, walking the Kokoda Trail as well as important humanitarian work.

Paul Huschilt is a comedian who arrives unprepared and attends the conference with the delegates.  What ensues is a hilarious insider’s take on the conference attendees and the experience they have had.  A strong belief in laughter enables Paul to provide a perceptive and delightful conclusion to your event.  Paul is passionate about inspiring people to be the best that they can be and will be a speaker long remembered by your attendees. 

Your closing speaker will be the last thing your delegates take away with them and the first thing they remember about your conference.  A great speaker will summarise the key ideas and points of your conference and send the attendees home smiling.  Let Keynote Entertainment help make your conference, not only memorable but a resounding success by allowing us to work alongside you, to make sure you book the right person.

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