How to book the perfect motivational speaker to close your conference

Now that your event has been a triumph and your speakers have given attendees a wealth of useful information, how do you wrap up and finish on a high? Simple. You book the right closing speaker. Your choice of closing speakers can have a huge impact on the overall success of your event.

You need to make sure you choose the most appropriate and engaging motivational speakers to suit your event objectives and those of your organisation. Someone who will engage, uplift and motivate your delegates and leave them wanting more.

Booking the right speaker will guarantee a memorable close to your event. Some fantastic suggestions for your closer include:

Dr Richard Harris was awarded the 2019 Australian of the Year along with fellow Australian cave diver Dr. Craig Challen for their heroic involvement in the 2018 Thai Cave rescue – a mission now immortalised on the big screen in the movie ‘Thirteen Lives’With a unique combination of medical expertise and advanced cave diving skills, the duo navigated treacherous and unpredictable conditions to save the lives of twelve young soccer players and their coach stranded deep inside a flooded underwater cave.

Turia Pitt is one of the most inspiring people on the keynote speaking circuit, providing inspiration to anyone who thought they couldn't achieve their goals. When Turia set off on a 100km ultra-marathon in the Kimberley region in 2011, she was caught in a grassfire and suffered horrific burns to 65% of her body. During the next two years, she underwent more than 200 surgeries and had seven fingers amputated. Despite a heavy rehabilitation schedule, she has since courageously completed an Ironman triathlon and a 20km swimming race, cycled from Sydney to Uluru and walked the Great Wall of China. She now dedicates much of her time to humanitarian causes and had raised over $200,000 for Interplast, a charity that provides reconstructive surgery to people in developing countries. 

Paul Huschilt is a comedian who arrives purposely unprepared and attends the conference with the delegates. What ensues is a hilarious insider’s take on the conference attendees and the experience they have had. A strong belief in laughter enables Paul to provide a perceptive and delightful conclusion to your event. Paul is passionate about inspiring people to be the best that they can be and will be a speaker long remembered by your attendees. 

Your closing speaker will be the last thing your delegates take away with them and the first thing they remember about your conference. A great speaker will summarise the key ideas and points of your conference and send everyone home smiling. Let Keynote Entertainment work with you to choose a speaker that will ensure your conference is a resounding success for everyone involved!

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