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About Keynote Entertainment

The Keynote Team are a passionate bunch, who really love what they do. That’s why they’re so good at it. And that’s why we love them. And it all starts with our fearless leaders. Here’s a sneak peek into what makes them great.

Leanne Lamb - Director

When you’re dealing with any business, you want to know that the person you’re dealing with gets it. You want to know that they understand what you’re after, that they’re on your side know how to get the job done, and that they’ll do it better than you expected.
That’s Leanne and she’s been doing it for over 20 years now. Relationships are central to Leanne’s success. And that’s not just about staying in touch and saying ‘hi’ and remembering your name. It goes a lot deeper for Leanne. Like understanding your expectations of value and service, and making sure she delivers on that. And when you deal with Leanne, you’ll quickly get the impression that not too many people know the industry as thoroughly as her. With over 20 years experience, which covers Corporate Entertainment, Keynote Speakers, Event Management, Marketing and Sales, who would be surprised?  But, you see, that’s how Leanne has ensured her success in every endeavour – know your industry, know your people, know your job and do it well.
Oh, and when you meet Leanne, I think you’re going to love her!

Justin McNeany - Director

Justin is one of the key reasons why Keynote Entertainment is able to stand apart from the crowd. You see, there aren’t too many in the industry who have a broader experience base and skill set covering Keynote Speakers, High Profile Artists, Corporate Entertainment and Talent Management. And a quick trip through his working life is like a name-dropper’s heaven. Yet, one thing it does show is how Justin has always been involved with the best in the industry, and the undoubted talent he has constantly displayed.
It all started as a determined and eager 20 year old, culminating now (without giving too much away about his age) in almost two decades of being immersed in the land of Keynote Speakers, Entertainment and Talent Management. At just 21 years of age, Justin was made Manager at Pace Entertainment, which was the corporate booking agency for the Mushroom Group of Companies. His next move was into Talent Management, specializing in high profile radio personalities and celebrities, before combining this role with the role of Operations Manager at Premier Artists. It’s here that he gained valuable Management experience, while at the same time co-managing major tours for guys like Pete Murray and Jimmy Barnes amongst a bunch of others, and gaining invaluable experience in International Tours through the company’s association with Frontier Touring Company. Phew… take a breath!
It was then that Justin moved into the Keynote Speaking industry, taking advantage of his skills as a successful talent agent, manager and negotiator, on top of his expertise in Business Operations.
But you know the best bit? All this experience is now available to you through Keynote Entertainment.

Sam Bird – Account Executive

When you have 14 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, like Sam does, it brings with it a fair bit of knowledge. With much of that experience split between the entertainment and music industry, as well as the speaking industry, you’ll be pretty impressed with Sam’s understanding of all forms of live entertainment.

Better still, Sam’s intricate knowledge means you’ll always get the best advice, the best solution and the best outcome. And fast. Real fast. Exactly the kind of fast you needed when you found yourself in that bind.

And you don’t last that long in the industry if you don’t seriously love what you do. The speakers and her clients can all see it – that’s why they love her.

So when you want a result… and we don’t mean just any old result, we mean the kind of result that you hadn’t quite dreamed of yet, you can be sure that Sam has thought of it already, and is ready to deliver on it… yesterday.