What Is The Difference Between A Corporate And A Ticketed Event?


A corporate event is usually a business event that is created for staff, clients, investors and others parties with a business link to the organisation holding the event.  Corporate events are usually rolled out to showcase new products, train your staff or improve customer service or as a team building excursive.

A ticketed event is very different to a corporate event as the audience is very mixed and can consist of anyone from dignitaries to your next door neighbours.  Anyone can buy a ticket to these events and that will be needed to be taken into consideration when booking your event.  You May need to adapt your speaker or entertainer to suit the event.  Whether it be motivational speakersrecording artists or comedians, Keynote can offer you access to the best and most appropriate to help improve your event.

It is always important, regardless of the type of event, to consider the outcome.  What do you need to achieve by the end of the event?  Is it fundraising, training new staff or showcasing the company?  Having a clear goal can be the key to creating a memorable, impressive event.