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Team Building

The Apprentice

Ensure your team has a fun, thought provoking and team-bonding afternoon

Using the template of “The Apprentice” the team building event has all the excitement of the TV show along with strong team growth components. Each event is tailored to suit your group.

The Apprentice includes branded team challenges, allocating team roles, various marketing resources, cash budgets and interactive game playing.

What’s involved? Based on the reality show of the same name, groups will be asked to create a product line or a brand with commercial appeal. This is an action-packed activity that will require teams to work as a decisive unit, budgeting, sourcing of materials and design. Marketing and sales abilities will all come into play in a search to find the winning team of apprentices.

This creative team program is a fusion of group think, interactive role playing, idea sharing and a race against time from concept to delivery. Teams are challenged to create a guerrilla marketing campaign around a product or brand and deliver key messages before filming begins. Teams need to be organised and well-practised, as they only get one take in front of the camera to promote it via a short video presentation, or a TV Commercial.

Whether it’s a pitch for a new children’s toy, the selling of a homemade cake or T Shirt, or even a new wonder drug, we will work with you at finding an appropriate design and product for your unique apprentice day. Teams are issued with a "how to" manual, and fully briefed on what is expected of them, before they take to the streets complete with camera and tripod to create the best presentation to sell your brand or product.

Identifying individual skills and preferences is promoted to the teams, and delegation and team cohesion is of supreme importance as teams will need to meet deadlines, deliver key messages, and deliver a brand experience that will make you want to buy their product.

Facilitators will be on hand to promote maximum participation and engagement throughout the program.  The team will ensure your people give their best to ensure success and will offer support and guidance throughout the program.

This high-energy activity will ensure your team has a fun, thought provoking and team-bonding afternoon. The Apprentice provides a sense of unity and a shared achievement that participants will be talking about for years to come.

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