Beat the Box

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A mysterious team building challenge to test collaboration and team work

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Teams learn to work efficiently and effectively within limited time constraints. 

Beat the Box is a truly collaborative team exercise as in the final stages of the game teams must cooperate, joining their clues together in order to uncover the correct code.

It all begins with a mysterious video message inviting the group to play a game. The different teams have only a pre-determined amount of time to crack a special code, which stops the countdown. 

To win the game, the code must be entered in to an electronic combination lock before the timer reaches zero. The only useful tools in the room are each team’s locked aluminium box. The first step is to open the box. 

In the box, each team discovers 4 intriguing cases, themselves protected by strong combination locks, which contain codes and mysteries that have to be unravelled so the team can progress. 

The pressure is intense and at times teams will doubt that they will be successful but just as in life, sport and business a cool head, logical approach and a belief in your abilities will ensure success in all but the most hopeless of situations.

Successful teams combine their different individual skills, developing creative solutions to complete each of the mystery challenges. 

A great way to build team spirit and to re-energise a hard working team.

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Key Business Benefit
Recognizing Individual Strengths
Key Business Benefit
Working to a Deadline
Key Business Benefit
Collaborative Problem Solving
Key Business Benefit
Thinking Outside the Box
Beat the Box - Team Building

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