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An out-of-the-box event that will liven up any organisation

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Combining aspects of beloved reality shows with the competitiveness of teams, The BBQ MasterChef is a unique team-building activity. This program aims to challenge individual's cooking skills, their ability to work in a team as well as their ability to work under pressue to produce a delicious experience that is sure to be remembered. 

By including a gourmet meal in the activity, The BBQ MasterChef is a great way to spoil co-workers without blowing the budget. 

The activity includes creative thinking, open communication and team interaction which can be taken away and implemented in any work environment.

Dividing the group into two teams, our Head Chef briefs them on the objectives of the cook before equipping them with gear including chef hats, aprons, Gourmet BBQ’s, an array of cooking utensils, and ingredients as well as a secret ingredient of the day.

The teams must then prepare a menu, whilst working collaboratively, including an entree, salad, vegetables, meat dish and vegetarian dish all containing the secret ingredient. Meals will then be served to a panel of esteemed judges who awards scores based on taste, style, teamwork, presentation and originality.

It is the time for all participants to sit and enjoy what they have created with a feast. 

A fun and unique way to incorporate team-building with creative thinking, The BBQ MasterChef is an out-of-the-box event that will liven up any organisation. 

BBQ MasterChef - Team Building

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