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Steve Sammartino is a highly experienced marketing and businessman, providing insight into the business world. Holding experience in advertising and start-ups, Steve has worked for some of the largest companies. 

Steve’s long list of projects include putting a Lego space shuttle into earth orbit, and becoming Director at Australia's first new car company in over thirty years. 

Lecturing part-time at Melbourne University, Steve is passionate about educating the new generation on all things business. 

He is an avid author, sharing with readers the new digital revolution and what it means for business. 

Regularly involved in the venture capital industry and investing in business and new technology, Steve is heavily involved in up and coming business, giving him a great insight into the future of the industry. 

Speaker Topics

10 Years in Tech
A review of how much technology has changed our lives in just the past 10 years. It reviews new tools, platforms, gadgets, modes of living and technology which reminds us we really are living through a revolution for the ages. This presentation surprises and delights as to how recent some of the changes are and how much of an impact they have had on culture and economics. It reviews consumer and business implications and prepares us for what is next with a peek into the future and new technologies about to arrive.
Bigger than the Internet: 3D Printing
An introduction to the world of 3D printing and the story of how we are now capable of turning information into actual things. A detailed history into the evolution of the technology, its current capabilities and what we can expect in a few short years. Multi material 3D printers, replicating household items, external scanning of things with moving parts to make another or a spare part, and even printing computer hardware. The talk covers the consumer impact it will have akin to the personal computing revolution of the 1980s, which industries it will disrupt, innovation within the startup industry around it and how any business can benefit from 3D printing. During the talk, Steve bring along his 3D printer to demonstrate the process in action.
Brand You
A review of the history of work as human, from hunters and gatherers, to farmers, to craftsman to employees and to the future of us all being entrepreneurs. An inevitable process of supply chain fragmentation and deconstructed workplaces. It explores how to build your personal brand to get ready for the process, regardless of which industry you work in.
Retail Rebooted
A journey through the history of retail and enlightenment to the fact that current shifts in retail are in actuality a move back to the patterns of when the concept of retail first emerged. A thorough look at all the modern trends and changes to the retail landscape. Paying homage to the contribution of technological enablement and emerging social behaviour. Finishing with clear advice on how to reinvent any brand or retailers view on how to retail successfully in the digital era.
The 200 Year Shift
An investigation into the shift from the industrial era to the digital era. A multi generational shift for the ages which will displace dominate players and install new commercial heroes. It demonstrates how all the major factors of production are being disrupted forever. The net result being that everything is up for grabs, including the industry you are working in and the customers you are chasing.
The Age of the Intrapreneur
The importance and need for intrapreneurs in large companies during a time of revolution. It covers why it matters now more than ever, and how companies can nurture their internal entrepreneurs. It also provides a path that people inside organisations can follow to sell their dreams and bootstrap innovation internally both quickly and cheaply using startup methodology.
The Art of Outsourcing
In a web connected world any person or company can get anyone to do or make anything for them. But there is an art to it. Whether it is using online services for web development, administration or getting products made in China, it is a tricky process to master. This presentation goes through all the nuances, structural, economic and culturally to navigate the process successfully. Full of tricks and tips to save your time and money to outsource profitably.
The Big Game
A fascinating look into the world of gamification, how every one of us has become a willing participant in the great gaming revolution without even realising it. This presentation digs deep into our anthropological make up as humans and explains why the data industrial complex has trained us to game commerce so that buyers and sellers can reap mutual benefits from behaviour shaping. A fascinating presentation for any brand, company or industry which deal with large numbers of customers or consumers. But also gives a template on how to get involved and build a brand with more meaning by employing some simple gaming mechanics.
The Coming Finance Disruption
A review of evolving technology and startups in the banking and finance sector which is working to chip away at and fragment the financial sector. In a virtual world of transfers and payments, technology companies and consumers are starting to realize they do not need banks to transact with each other, or even store their cash reserves. It reviews how the banks business is being disrupted by many companies doing parts of what banks do, rather than competing directly. A stealth fragmentation of their industry.
The Digital Landscape
A summary of the digital life we are living through today. It covers all the key tools, trends, and human behaviour within the digital realm. A great and entertaining summary for those with less experience and knowledge in the digital space.
The End of Demographics
Demographics used to be the marketers major weapon to target an audience. A prediction model based on age, income, location and education, but demographics are over. Smart startups and brands can now know exactly who their community is. The connected world gives us permission to interact rather than guess and hope. The art of success in a sharing economy is about finding the intersection between the social and interest. Once we do this we are often surprised as to who our market really is and we can reach them more efficiently.
The End of Selfish
A story which shows how selfish large corporations have been for the past 100 years and why it is broken. A timely revision of mainstream marketing methodologies which shows the flip of power from the producer to the consumer and why their evil deeds and coming back to haunt them. But for those interested in giving back and paying it forward the future is bright. This goes through the art of giving to our audience and performing for them so they can feed our brand into the future so any organization who signs up to this reality can win big.
The Future of Innovation
A personal journey through the Super Awesome Micro Project, which proves the template for real innovation is changed forever. The Super Awesome Micro Project is a crowd funded project via twitter where 40 people from Melbourne commissioned a teenage genius from Romania to build a full size car entirely from lego, with an engine made from lego and the engine runs on air. The car is now finished and can push 750kgs over 50km per hour. The entire project was managed entirely over the internet with people who have never met each other. This is the story of how we did it, and how anyone can once they know the tools and tricks.
The Power Flip
A story about how small scale businesses, SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups have all the advantages in a digital world. That the power is now in the hands of the many, and not the industrial sized few. This presentation demonstrates how the digital revolution is designed for all things small and that big infrastructure is unsuited to the emerging environment. It covers the reasons, the tools and the methods which can ensure the small leverage the power flip for profit.
The Quantified Self
A summary of the emerging wearable computing sector and technology. Google Glass, Watches, Fit bits and everything else. How will they impact our life and lead us into the age of the quantifiable self. A world where we use our personal data to improve our lives and health. How it will impact the way we live, companies and commerce.
Two Weeks in Tech
A presentation only covering events from the previous 2 weeks on the topic of technology. This is configured to prove how rapid the pace of change is in business today. Invariably this presentation will cover important factors within every industry which have a deep long term structural impact. After reviewing the events, Steve ties each one back to the business of the audience and show how it impacts their business directly. It is a great way for staff and management alike to sit up and pay attention to how quick their world is changing.


Received a great response from the audience and delivered important information with humour


Steve was amazing! So thought provoking and inspirational. We’ve had nothing but good feedback for him and in fact some participants said it was worth coming just to see him!

Government of SA

Steve was a great opening speaker for our conference – full of energy and encouraging attendees to think outside the box.

The University of Melbourne

Steve was just what we were hoping for to open up the minds and souls of our rather traditional mining/construction corporate attendees. He has a ton of energy, and is able to use it in a focused way to communicate big ideas in a way that leaves the audience involved and excited about the future. He picked up on our corporate context and drivers from a short discussion and was able to weave this into the session.

Rio Tinto

Steve Sammartino  - Social Media

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