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Dan Keighran

Victoria Cross Recipient and Australian Army Veteran

Joining the army as a fresh high school graduate, Dan quickly completed his recruit and infantry training before being posted as a rifleman to 6RAR in Enoggera, Brisbane. He is proud about accomplishing this all before turning 18. 

Having been deployed on operations to Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor, his extensive experience in challenging environments have helped him gain unique insights into goal-setting, teamwork and success. 

On a second deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, his patrol would come under fire by an insurgent force which resulted in a casualty. Acting on courage and instinct, Dan risked his life to draw fire away from the rest of his patrol members. After three hours of unimaginable danger, Dan’s teammates were able to withdraw the wounded man from the situation.

As a result of his bravery, Dan was awarded the Victoria Cross – the first and only to be awarded to a Royal Australian Regiment Soldier. In recognition of ‘the most conspicuous acts of gallantry and extreme devotion to duty in action’ during moments of incredible danger, Dan is one of only ten living recipients worldwide.

After exiting the army in 2011, Dan brought his skills to the mining industry in Western Australia and Kalgoorlie. Soon after, he returned to his hometown in Queensland and began studying at QUT to receive his MBA.

Dan continues to maintain his connection with the Australian Defence Force by taking up a career within the defence industry. He also supports ADF members suffering from PTSD and physical conditions as an Ambassador for Mates4Mates.

Drawing upon his experience in high-risk scenarios, Dan draws link between business and military leadership to provide valuable strategies on how to improve communication, planning and achieve effective teamwork.

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