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Lauren Burns

OAM, naturopath, nutritionist, Herbalist (bHsc) Olympic Gold Medallist, Taekwondo. Sydney 2000

Lauren Burns is an inspirational woman, who demonstrates discipline, commitment and perseverance to overcome challenges and achieve whatever she desires.

Creating sporting history at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Lauren won the first medal for Taekwondo when it made its debut as a sport in the games. She has also been an Australian Champion 12 times and won international titles and medals at world championship level.

Since her tremendous victory, Burns has become as one of the most successful Olympians to emerge from those Games, and thus she is one of the most desired speakers, presenting to over 250,000 people within the past ten years. She speaks passionately and truthfully about what it takes to be successful, as well as producing anecdotes that are entertaining and relevant to audiences.

Her presentations are fuelled with interaction with the hope that audiences take away and remember her messages. Lauren brings individuals up onto the stage and has them breaking boards to liven up the presentation. She has had over 200 people breaking boards in the space of four minutes.

In addition to her successful keynote presentations, Lauren also offers a Corporate Wellness Program which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of employees in any business. The program emphasises how improved health can increase engagement, lower the rate of absences and strengthen resilience within staff members. This program is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels and inspires individuals to make positive health changes to lifestyles.

This program involves adaptations to suit the companies, with lengths being three, six or twelve months. Lauren makes the effort to introduce herself to every individual and engages with them to ensure they feel supported and feel inspired to make a positive change in their lives. She and an assistant will conduct a Taekwondo workshop, with the emphasis on the goal of breaking boards as the final step. The breaking of boards signifies the change individuals will commit to, including what their goal is, how they will achieve it and the challenges they may face.

Throughout Lauren Burns’ career as an Olympic athlete, naturopath and speaker she has worked with a range of people and understands what is required to make positive changes in people’s lives. She is an avid motivator with a key objective to make the world a healthier place and through both her presentations and workshops, she equips every individuals with the tools to improve their lifestyle. 

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