Kerri Pottharst

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Beloved athlete, triple Olympian and passionate motivator

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Speaker Topics

Corporate Team Building
In addition to keynotes, Kerri also facilitates Beach Volleyball team building workshops. During these sessions Kerri and her coaches take to the beach with delegates, teaching them the skills needed to play as a team in a fun and practical way. Nothing has been more important throughout Kerri's two decades of representing her country than teamwork. When teamwork breaks down in business the results are disastrous. Better communication, clear leadership, shared vision, support, flexibility and a solid game plan are all ingredients to make up the perfect team, and they are all traits Kerri and her team will drill into staff during a day full of fun and learning
Goal Setting
Kerri has a strong passion for Goal Setting which has helped her achieve greatness. Be inspired by her stories of setback, injury and defeat. Learn how she overcame them all to compete in 3 Olympic Games and win 2 Olympic Medals by setting goals. Discover how she turned her Bronze into Gold! Learn strategies and ways to ensure that your goals will be achieved. Throughout her 25 year athletic career, Kerri has excelled in breaking up the long road toward her dream of Gold, into small steps. She learnt that without setting goals in life, nothing will ever change. Stop the run of bad luck while you are waiting for good luck to come along. Design your own luck.
Overcoming Fear and Doubt
The single greatest obstacle to a team performing at their peak and beyond is a defeatist mental attitude. Change that thought pattern and the people representing your business will go from good to great. Kerri demonstrates, using examples from her international sporting career, how she and other great athletes have changed their outlook for spectacular results.
Pushing Your Limitations
Everybody sets limits for themselves, but how often do you question those limits? Why settle for average when you can have outstanding? Through her own experience and via her consultation to other elite sportspeople Kerri has learnt how to raise these limits, how to accept that we can all be champions and how to make that happen as a team.
The Power of Personal Belief
In sport, in business and in personal life, so much relies on personal belief, an unshakeable confidence which all champions share. At the end of a session with Kerri, after the feared and revered walk across broken glass, staff will have a new vision of themselves. They will also have the tools with which to constantly update and fine tune their personal belief, giving them a new outlook on life and work.

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Kerri Pottharst is a triple Olympian earning two Olympic medals competing in a sport she adores. She is one of Australia’s most well known and loved athletes, representing the country in indoor and beach volleyball.

Kerri is the only Australian woman to have competed in the prestigious A1 Italian Indoor Volleyball League.

Overcoming career threatening injuries and challenges, Kerri went on to win a bronze medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Her strength, focus and passion for volleyball saw her bronze medal be transformed into gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

After retiring from competition in 2005, Pottharst now fills her time with her three passions, including her family, coaching volleyball and presenting inspirational talks to motivate people from all walks of life.  

Kerri’s presentations are adaptive and can be tailored to suit any audience from any industry. She is able to provide interactive goal-setting workshops and corporate team-building events as well as keynote presentations.

Kerri has extensive experience working with a range of companies and their employees, providing knowledgeable and successful presentations that can improve any business in the areas of communication, setting and achieving goals, skills development and overcoming challenges. 

Kerri Pottharst - Motivational Speakers

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