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Dare to Embrace Change: Champion your own success

In the face of uncertainty and risk, how do we respond to change and challenges? How do we grow our confidence and abilities to achieve our goals and desires? According to JoAnna, it is about tapping into what she has called The Champions Mind, the ability to instantaneously accessing all your resources and come up with the right response and resolutions. We all have this Champions Mind within us. What keeps us stuck and unable to use it when we need it, is listening to our other mind, our scared learned mind. So many of us crush our own dreams, we shy away from opportunity and reduce our own ability to go after the things we really want in our lives. But what if we could simply break this pattern? What if we can literally free ourselves to grow, win and succeed at anything even in the toughest of situations?

Growing into Greatness: Harnessing the power of transitions

This presentation teaches audiences that every person has greatness within them already, they just do not know how to activate the courage needed to see it through. We fear the unknown, changes, transitions and the potential of failure live there. As someone who has lived many transitions, JoAnna has learnt to harness the power of every transition to grow and succeed. She will help navigate through a set of skills and patterns, a tested formula for navigating new uncharted wilderness. A set of skills that will help reduce fear, anxiety, stress and boost confidence to move forward and reach new levels of personal greatness.

Rethinking Lifes Rules: Your secret self

JoAnna Ferrari lived male for 53 years. She was successful in business and happily married with 3 children for 23 years before finally making the difficult decision and commitment to transitioning her gender from male to female. Her announcement sent a shockwave through her entire world that caused her to lose everything, her family support, friends, her career and nearly, her life. In her presentation JoAnna clearly outlines the stages and steps to success in any transition and bridges the gap between her own gender transition and how anyone can better their life, career or business. She shares her personal journey, the dangers and challenges transitioning presents as well as a new perspective on how to deal with internal conflict that keeps us living in fear instead of living our dreams. JoAnna delivers key strategies for taking a team or business through change, transitions and new beginnings and how to create an incredibly diverse and inclusive culture in the process.

JJ Ferrari

Venture into new ways of thinking and acheiving 

Successful, Courageous and Resilient; JJ Ferrari brings all of these qualities and more to presentations that are renowned for her authentic, humorous and thought-provoking content that inspires others to venture into new ways of thinking and achieving. She will talk about Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion from a man’s and women’s point of view.

JJ represents her journey of how she went from a high powered executive, living the life, to her coming out and crashing with 79 cents in the bank. JJ tells a fresh perspective of a journey that would have destroyed most people and how she lived to talk about it.

JJ takes the audience on a journey and bridges the gap between her experience and the audience by tearing off the labels we all wear and draws parallels from her gender transition to deliver to important messages to individuals and business audiences on topics we all face but rarely understand such as; fear, stress and anxiety, the negatives of a success culture, overcoming obstacles; culture identity, building confidence, and culture intelligence; high definition communication; and challenging your comfort zones.

JJ has enjoyed a long and highly successful business career and has lived her life in two parts: in addition to all the other amazing aspects of her life, JJ is a transgender woman. She is intuitive, creative, logical and witty all rolled into one.

She has not only had a successful first half of her life, she has courageously and with much resilience weathered the last two years of transitioning her gender and has proven that this hiccup in her life has only adds incredible benefits to her arsenal of teachings for her clients to enjoy.  

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