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Dr Tommy Campbell

America’s Leading Expert on Motivating People to reach success, Dream Big and do the impossible

Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr. is America’s Leading Expert on Motivating People to reach success, Dream Big and do the impossible. As a motivational speaker, Dr. Campbell cares about the audience and it is his goal to make sure his audiences leave feeling motivated, inspired, and wanting to make a change in their lives.

Dr. Tommy failed the first grade. He grew up with a learning disability all throughout middle school and high school. When Dr. Campbell got in high school, he struggled, receiving poor grades and encountering overwhelming obstacles.  Dr. Campbell’s high school teacher told him that he would not graduate from high school and that he was not smart enough to go to college. In 2009 Dr. Campbell became homeless and he lived on the streets and had to beg for food. 

Several years ago, Dr. Campbell was shot multiple times at close range and was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital. After surviving whatever life had to throw at him, Dr Tommy decide to become a motivational and inspirational speaker

In 2017, Dr. Campbell graduated with his Doctoral Degree and he has received Academic Awards as well, defying his former teacher's expectations. Dr Campbell is also the author of the motivational book 'Dream Big', which encourages people to dream big and change their lives.  

Tommy speaks to his audience from personal experience, using he many struggles h has experienced in his life to motivate and inspire his audience

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