Melanie Schilling

Travels from: Victoria

An Australian specialist in human behaviour and performance

Categories: Business Speakers, Communication, Leadership, Mindfulness & Mindset

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Melanie Schilling is best known as one of the Relationship Experts on Channel Nine’s ‘Married At First Sight’, making herself a firm favourite amongst Australian audiences. 

With a warm and direct style combined with her vibrant facial expressions, Melanie has made herself a reputation for asking the tough questions, holding accounts and emphasising gender politics in relationships. 

As a speaker, Melanie is empowering, encouraging audiences to step up, stand out and act. She combines her optimistic personality and emotional intelligence to help people away from old habits and to a new, fresh and successful future. 

Melanie holds a background in theatre, TV and workshop facilitation, making her a professional and delightful speaker for any event. Combining entertainment and education, her goal for each speaking engagement is to ensure her audience learns something new. 

With over two decades working as a psychologist, Melanie has worked across the globe. She has made meaningful impact in several businesses, as well as taken teams on journey of self-discovery, personal insight, confidence building and courageous action.

Speaker Topics

Be Your Own Leader
Master your self talk, reframe your life. Melanie explains how you can think, feel and act your way to success. Discover how to respect your mirror
Build Positive Relationships
How to select the right people into and kick the wrong ones out of your inner circle. Melanie explains the difference a little collaboration can make. Getting the right balance with love, friendships and family
Make A Bigger Impact
Aligning your values, with your strengths and passions. Learn how to elevate your success beyond your backyard, as well as leaving a meaningful legacy
Make It Count: Get the results you deserve
Melanie reveals the three ways you may be holding yourself back right now and the difference between being reactive and proactive, as well as why it matters. Discover an inspired, courageous action as a path to success
Own Your Career
Discover the benefits of Strategic stalking (without getting arrested). If you do not ask you do not get. Paying it forward
Real Confidence and How To Get It
Melanie reveals the 2 things you need to build your confidence as well as the difference between under confidence and over confidence. Learn how you can work with your brain to build your confidence
The C Words and Why You Should Use Them Everyday
Explore your comfort zone and why you need to extend it. Discover the relationship between confidence and courage, and why you need both. Learn what it takes to make a meaningful impact on yourself, your community and the planet
The Power of Surrounding Yourself With The RIGHT People
Not all relationships are created equally and there is one theory that will change the way you see your social network. Discover your social life in the digital world.
Melanie Schilling  - Leadership

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