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Learn to navigate complex markets using ancient Chinese negotiating skills

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Leonie McKeon is an experienced keynote speaker, workshop presenter and author who presents on ancient Chinese negotiating skills known as the 36 Chinese Strategies – derived from  Sun Tzu’s - The Art of War.

Leonie lived in the Greater China Region for several years where she studied Mandarin and had the opportunity to observe the mastery of Chinese negotiation tactics. These negotiation skills and ways of thinking are based on ancient Chinese wisdoms, which encompass highly developed negotiation strategies that have acquired a global reputation as being some of the most effective in the world.

From Leonie’s presentations audiences learn a new way of thinking about negotiation and how to apply these strategies into any negotiating environment.

Leonie is the author of 'Tame the Tiger- Negotiating from a position of power' and 'Deceive the Dragon – Negotiating to retain power', which describes the 36 Chinese Strategies through contemporary business examples. This is written for Western business people who are currently doing business in China, who wish to do business in China, or simply want to learn how to be better negotiators.  

Speaker Topics

Bewilder the Dragon
Negotiating amongst confusion
Deceive the Dragon
Negotiating to retain power
Endure the Tiger
Negotiating in desperate situations
Flee the Dragon
Negotiating when all else fails
Lure the Tiger
Negotiating in confronting circumstances
Tame the Tiger
Negotiating from a position of power


Anyone who has the pleasure to have dealings in China, with Chinese clients or friends in their home country or has Chinese employees will find Leonie's 36 Chinese Strategies workshops invaluable. The workshops were eye-opening and had the right amount of humour and personal stories to more than keep our attention.


Understanding how the 36 Chinese Strategies are applied in Chinese business culture was the lightbulb moment which has led to such revenue growth, opportunities and personal growth.

Wines by: Geoff Hardy

I've had the privilege of hearing Leonie McKeon's insights into doing business in China through the 36 Chinese Strategies. What I found fascinating was that through bartering in marketplaces, the Chinese develop from an early age the skills and techniques they need to get a better deal. Understanding and appreciating Chinese business culture is essential to conducting business there, and through Leonie's use of the ‘Strategies', what could otherwise be overwhelming becomes manageable, entertaining, and even fun! Leonie's insights are a must for anyone contemplating doing business with the Chinese.

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Leonie McKeon - Leadership

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