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Overcome stress and anxiety

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Fiori Giovanni's extraordinary story involves her being born in a war-torn African and overcoming the challenge of a pubescent arranged marriage, and as a teenager being mandatorily subscripted into the army and clinging to life in a leaking boat loaded with refugees. She used these experience to build on her resilience, courage, leadership and mindset, and teaches her audiences how to build on their own skills.  

Fiori is the CEO of Transformations Coaching Group and Co-founder of Transformed Outcomes as well as the owner of My Mind Valley. Fiori believes affirmations are one of the most profound and effective ways to implement personal change. 

Fiori is currently using her expertise to assist businesses and organisations to overcome the stress and anxiety associated with Covid-19, as well as manage the unprecedented culture change occurring. 

Speaker Topics

Culture Change
As a society, we are unknowingly stripping ourselves of what truly makes us great because our brains are constantly being reprogrammed and influenced by the media and virtual worlds. Fiori Giovanni is no stranger to being a prisoner to her dreams, but she has broken her shackles achieved all her dreams by embracing change, adapting, and remaining agile, even during uncertain times.
Overcome Stress and Anxiety of Covid-19
There might not be a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 currently but it doesn’t mean we are doomed. Because with every challenge there is an opportunity. Use your time smartly and do all the things you been waiting to do but never had the time. This can mean working on mental and physical wellbeing, reading books, reflecting on your life goals. Fiori walks you through the step to effectively managing and getting rid of stress and anxiety to maintain a healthy mindset. One of the many side effects of this epidemic is the uncertainty that comes with it.


Fiori is a pleasure to work with and she really takes the time to understand the needs of her audience. I invited her back to speak for us without hesitation. As well as being dynamic and powerful, Fiori has a strong presence and connects and interacts powerfully with her audience. Her message is both relevant and inspirational. Her presentation inspired me to reflect on my own life, after which I felt motivated and energised to make important changes. Fiori's keynote will open your mind to unlimited possibilities. It's an empowering experience. Thanks Fiori.

CPA Australia

Fiori is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Myself and the rest of the audience were mesmerised from start to finish. We were also motivated by her energy, inspired by her story and enthused by her sense of humour. Fiori is a genuine, authentic speaker who provides realistic and practical tips. Anyone who implements her strategies and tips will improve their performance in life. It's rare to see a speaker make such a lasting impression, but Fiori has done just that!

AMES Australia

Fiori Giovanni - NEW Online Presentation  - Leadership

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