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As founder and CEO of The Mathem Group, Christopher Kai is passionate about quality leadership. As a Fortune 100 global speaker, number one global bestselling author, and founder of GPS, Christopher is an expert in productivity, communication and networking.

His long list of clients consists of both national and international business, including Google, American Express, New York Life, Merrill Lynch, Farmers Insurance, Bank of America, City National Bank, and the U.S. Consulate. 

Christopher has authored and released six best-selling books, including 'Communication is King: How to Avoid Feeling Like a Pawn in Any Situation', 'Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires', 'Executives and Celebrities' and 'Work: The 4 Pillars of Productivity'. His expertise has also been featured on Forbes, ABC News, Fast Company, CNN, BuzzFeed, Inc. and Huffington Post. 

Speaker Topics

Better Together: The 3 Key Breakthroughs in Team Building
For more than seven years, MIT’s Human Dynamic Laboratory has studied 1,000s of employees in various departments in different companies around the world. They found that team building indeed is a science that can be measurable, observable, and most importantly improved. Christopher shares these 3 breakthroughs interwoven with his own experience leading teams at American Express and at his own firm. You Will Learn: - What Jeff Bezos knows about team building - The 3 patterns of communication that are the best predictors for team success - How to be 50% more successful in your team
Connect: Network like a Rockstar
According to a Forbes article regarding Network Science, your network is the #1 best indicator for your career success. Traditional networking is dead. Learn 3 types of networking backed by science that works with anyone, anywhere in any situation based on my #1 global bestselling book “Big Game Hunting: Networking with billionaires, executives, and celebrities.” You Will Learn: - Why your network is the #1 best predictor of your career success (Forbes) - The Success Mindset based on 20 years of research - Follow up the right way and be 80% more successful in sales
Inspirational: How to Live a Life Worth Remembering
Over the last 10 years, Christopher Kai has had the unique opportunity to interview 500 of some of the most successful and unique individuals in the world. They include: olympians, Grammy winners, FBI agents, Navy Seals, neurosurgeons, bestselling authors, Heads of State and pioneers like astronaut Buzz Aldrin, world record holding swimmer Diana Nyad and business visionary Elon Musk. Based on their 20,000 years of life experience, they all understood 3 basic truths that allowed them to live a life worth remembering. Christopher shares these surprisingly simple truths to help you live a life worth remembering.
Sales Success: Why Listening is the New Sales Disrupter
Sales isn’t just about selling. Selling begins well before you meet your prospective clients and the true disruption is in asking intentional questions and listening and watching for specific cues from your prospective clients. Christopher Kai masterfully and profoundly summarizes the 5 key elements of listening based on a 1,000-year-old Chinese character. This type of listening is also used by FBI hostage negotiators. You Will Learn: - How to save time prospecting the right people - How to connect with anyone based on 4 happy chemicals - What FBI agents know about sales
Story Based Leadership: How to Inspire Your Team to Actually Love Their Work
Story-based leaders are leaders who use their story as the basis for their success. When you look at the “10 Most Admired Companies” in the world according to Fortune Magazine, every single one of their leaders — Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett — were or are story-based leaders. Christopher Kai dives into the science and psychology of how the most admired leaders in the world communicate their message and how you can do the same. You Will Learn: - Why stories are 22X more memorable than facts - How Italy Inspired Howard Schultz to create Starbucks - Why the “Think Different” campaign made Apple a success
Work: The 4 Pillars of Productivity
How do you get more done in less time feeling less stressed each day? According to a Forbes article, leaders who have poor communication skills have companies plagued by: - Low Morale - Lack of Credibility - Lack of Innovation - Lack of Focus - Lack of Purpose As a result, surveys have shown that workers only spend 35% of their time actually doing work-related activities. That’s a lot of wasted time, frustration, and lost productivity. You Will Learn: - The 3 key ingredients to a short, productive meeting - The one surprising way to stop feeling overwhelmed each day - How to communicate your message 65% more effectively
Christopher Kai - Leadership

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