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Toby Travanner

Travels from: Victoria

Dynamic, captivating and engaging business speaker

Categories: Change Management, Communication, Customer Service, Facilitators, MCs & Hosts, Sales

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If you’re looking for a speaker for your next conference, event or launch, look no further than Australia’s number one business MC, Toby Travanner. Quite simply, Toby is the best of the best.

He’s not only in high demand from companies and agencies Australia-wide, but he’s the speaker’s speaker - greatly admired and respected by his peers.

Achieving the accolade of being known as Australia’s #1 Business MC is not something that happens easily. Toby’s entire focus in his role as MC is to make you and your organisation not only look good, he’ll make you look great.

Toby’s expert handling of a multitude of international celebrities, sports stars and politicians makes him the number one choice to introduce and interview VIP guests.

One of the main ways Toby prepares in his role as MC for a conference is in the many hours of research he does on the industry, the organisation and any products. He’ll have enough knowledge to make supportive comments or to challenge them in a panel discussion or interview. It’s about knowing the industry or product or company without passing himself off as an industry expert.

Toby goes the extra mile to give that little bit extra, whether it be creating a slideshow of conference photos, helping out with presentations or coaching nervous presenters.

He has been described as “a link presenter” as he often adds content value in addition to the seamless management of the conference program. This also includes bringing his own in-ear audio so that he can communicate with the sound engineer and stage manager to ensure timekeeping and communication is always spot on.

Toby Travanner - Change Management

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