Miki Agrawal

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A serial social entrepreneur known for breaking taboos and disrupting the status quo

Categories: CEO, Entrepreneur, Women in Business

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As a serial entrepreneur, Miki Agrawal is known for disrupting the status quo and producing creative solutions to previously taboo problems. She is the founder of WILD, THINX, Icon and TUSHY. 

Miki’s name is associated with several awards, including The Tribeca Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovation Award, the 2017 Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum, and Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the World Technology Summit.

Her companies include WILD, a farm-to-table pizza concept, and THINX, period-proof underwear. She has also co-founded Icon, which produces high-tech pee-proof underwear that helps women manage light bladder leakage.

TUSHY is Miki’s most recently founded company. TUSHY revolutionises the toilet experience with an affordable, designer bidet attachment that improves individual’s hygiene as well as decreases toilet paper consumption. 

Miki has published two books, including 'Do Cool Sh*t', and 'Disrupt-Her'.  

Speaker Topics

5 Ways to Turn Failure into Revelations
Miki shares 5 strategic steps to turn failure into revelations and offers clear insights on how to reimagine failure in a productive, courageous and tenacious way.
Do Cool Sh*t
Learn how to go from Step 0 to Step 1 in Creating Your Best Life and Igniting Your Passion Projects. Miki shares her eye-opening stories—from being the star midfielder on a Division 1 women's soccer team, to opening WILD - a restaurant in New York City with no prior experience, to launching THINX, a massively successful period-proof underwear solution, to launching and scaling her innovative bidet product TUSHY, to writing a #1 bestselling entrepreneurship book 'Do Cool Sh*t'. Miki empowers her audience with real life lessons and steps to live boldly and authentically - if they're willing to work hard, act on their ideas, stand up for their beliefs, and turn their creativity into reality
The Secrets to Creatively Disrupting a Category
Miki shares hard-won wisdom and best practices from her experiences in building $150+ million brands in seemingly immovable categories. She shares her strategies that motivated people to transform from sceptics to fans. She will also share how to navigate and manage PR using atypical creativity and design in an ever-changing, click-focused media world.
Miki Agrawal - Entrepreneur

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