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Dr Ragnar Purje is an experienced speaker who is passionate about enhancing the way we can change our thinking and behaviours, in and out of the classroom. Ragnar has presented at conferences across the globe which includes Hawaii, Sydney and Melbourne as well as being invited to present in London, Paris, Dubai and Sri Lanka.

Dr Purje holds two Bachelor degrees, five Post-Graduate awards, three Master of Education degrees and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Ragnar also holds the position of Adjunct Lecturer School of Education and the Arts, Central Queensland University.

Ragnar has been working in the field of brain plasticity since the 90’s and is passionate about using it to help individuals become the best version of themselves. Ragnar’s doctoral thesis focussed on the success of his pioneering form of acquired brain injury rehabilitation therapy. The therapy is now referred to as CBBMMT (Complex Brain-Based Multi-Movement Therapy). Ragnar’s thesis has also added two new descriptors into the lexicon of human biology; these are neurofluidity and hólos. Neurofluidity is the neurological processes that leads to the condition of brain plasticity. Hólos is a descriptor which, provides a category that unifies the brain and the body, with this single word.

Using a newly created and highly effective neuroeducation program titled ‘Responsibility Theory®’, Dr Purje gives audiences a new approach to education and classroom management through empowering students to make their own choices. This forms powerful personal insights, leadership values and the aim is to also develop, enhance and works towards improving communication capacities so that the best outcome for all those involved, and the organisation itself is achieved.

Ragnar encourages both teachers and parents to give children the opportunity to understand the power and responsibilities of their choices when it comes to their education. This in turn, teaches individuals that their actions have consequences, which are based on their choices, which then leads the individual to know and understand that they are responsible for what they think, do, say, choose and learn.

As a result of the ‘Responsibility Theory®’ program, participants have seen a positive enhancement in their personal, social, mental, physical and academic learning and knowledge taking place.

His topics include:

  • Introducing the ‘Responsibility Theory®’ to schools and teachers

  • Reducing conflict

  • Increasing student directed learning

  • Achieving academic and social potential

  • Dealing with bullying and cyber bullying

  • How to deal with negative life choices

Ragnar has been sharing his impactful and powerful tools for many years, through authoring a book titled ‘Responsibility Theory®’, contributing to many articles in educational journals and speaking to audiences around the world.

By utilising the concepts of self-talk, sequence learning, self-efficacy and self-empowerment, Dr Ragnar Purje has changed the way we educate and engage with students and individuals. His powerful and educational presentations teach audiences about the power of making their own choices, understanding the power of personal responsibility and the impact their choices have on life. 

Dr Ragnar Purje  - Education Speakers

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