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Anni Macbeth

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Anni Macbeth

Learn how to adapt to the change that is coming

Describing the face of the business world up to 30 years from now is the speciality of trend forecaster and futurist Anni Macbeth, also known as Annimac. 

Anni Macbeth has worked in the business world for over thirty years, specialising as a trend forecaster and futurist. Also known as Annimac, she heads Annimac Consultants where she teaches organisations how to prepare themselves and utilise the future trends effectively.

Holding strong views on the political, economic, social and cultural changes that are going to impact Australia, she is ready and willing to share her knowledge on how to adapt to change. Receiving government and corporate attention, Anni has built a successful reputation in helping shift thoughts and ideas.

Spending over 35 years in six countries, she has learnt about many topics affecting the world including new venture creation, psychology, hi-tech innovation, media, arts management, change management and future trends.

Holding lively workshops, seminars, presentations and coaching, Anni Macbeth shares her knowledge, demonstrating to organisations how to manage change, embrace the future and get ready for it, achieve what they need to succeed and turning corporate anarchy into a health environment.

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