JoAnna Ferrari

Travels from: New South Wales

Venture into new ways of thinking and acheiving 

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, Inspirational, Motivational Speakers

Speaker Topics

  • A Lifetime of Change
  • Challenge Accepted!
  • Crossing the Gender Line
  • High Speed Selling
  • The New Psychology of Winning

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Successful, Courageous and Resilient; JoAnna Ferrari brings all of these qualities and more to presentations that are renowned for her authentic, humorous and thought-provoking content that inspires others to venture into new ways of thinking and achieving. She will talk about Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion from a man’s and women’s point of view.

JoAnna represents her journey of how she went from a high powered executive, living the life, to her coming out and crashing with 79 cents in the bank. JoAnna tells a fresh perspective of a journey that would have destroyed most people and how she lived to talk about it.

JoAnna takes the audience on a journey and bridges the gap between her experience and the audience by tearing off the labels we all wear and draws parallels from her gender transition to deliver to important messages to individuals and business audiences on topics we all face but rarely understand such as; fear, stress and anxiety, the negatives of a success culture, overcoming obstacles; culture identity, building confidence, and culture intelligence; high definition communication; and challenging your comfort zones.

JoAnna has enjoyed a long and highly successful business career and has lived her life in two parts: in addition to all the other amazing aspects of her life, JoAnna is a transgender woman. She is intuitive, creative, logical and witty all rolled into one.

She has not only had a successful first half of her life, she has courageously and with much resilience weathered the last two years of transitioning her gender and has proven that this hiccup in her life has only adds incredible benefits to her arsenal of teachings for her clients to enjoy. 

JoAnna Ferrari - Inspirational

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