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Navigating our way through an unprecedented time with authenticity, vulnerability and emotional connection

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Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Wayne Schwass is one of the most highly rated players in AFL history. He is also a highly respected and sought-after AFL broadcaster hosting television shows.

After facing his own battle with depression, Wayne is passionately committed to the issues of suicide prevention, mental health, emotional wellbeing and normalising these important conversations. 

During this unprecedented time, Wayne is committed to prioritising mental health by activating wellbeing strategies, sharing key strategies and tips in managing and maintaining our wellbeing. He discusses several topics including:

  • Vulnerability is a superpower
  • Why fear is so paralysing
  • Stop saying sorry – why we’re conditioned to apologise
  • Self-care is not selfish, it’s a priority
  • Our health is our responsibility

Speaker Topics

Navigating our way through an unprecedented time
Leading Mental Health Advocate and Founder of Social Enterprise PukaUp, Wayne Schwass candidly shares the wellbeing strategies that have allowed him to take responsibility for his mental health and empowered him to proactively manage and maintain his wellbeing. Wayne discusses how vulnerability Is a superpower, why fear Is so paralysing, how Emotional connection is fundamental to the human experience as well as how our health Is our responsibility.


We really loved Wayne’s speech. It was engaging, interactive and Wayne’s passion about the subject of mental health and well-being was very apparent. Many of us would have loved to sit there and listen to him all day. The content was great and very relevant.

Sharp and Carter

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