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The transformative effect of adversity

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Having to put all her trust into the hands of another person, Jess Gallagher’s story is sure to motivate any audience. Her story about losing her eyesight slowly enabled her to put her life into perspective and she encourages audiences to do the same. 

Jess uses her story to teach companies and business the true meaning of trust, how to take opportunity as soon as it arises and how to improve performance by having the foresight to predict the results.

With all of the changes occurring in this current climate, Jess understands how adversity can have an effect on us all. However, Jess is passionate about demonstrating the power and transformative effect it can have. Her new keynote demonstrates how we are able to decide whether we let these circumstances become our identity or whether adversity can be our opportunity. 

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The Transformative Effect of Adversity
We are all human, nobody goes through life without experiencing adversity; a setback, devastating loss, getting pushed down or any other number of life experiences. We cannot control events like these. However, we do get to decide whether we will let these circumstances become our identity or whether adversity can also be an opportunity. In this short presentation Jess reveals the experience of some personal adversities along with the resulting opportunities that have transformed her life when changing perspective.


Jess is an extraordinary and inspiring person who has achieved so much despite the challenges that she has faced. As the Keynote Speaker, she took the audience on an emotional journey that captured their hearts. She delivered her presentation with such infectious enthusiasm and professionalism. She is very well organised and a pleasure to work with before and during the conference. Her message is related back to the business world in a very effective way. I would highly recommend Jess as a speaker, the feedback we received from the audience was overwhelmingly positive.

ECM Victorian User Group

Jess is the best keynote speaker we have ever had, hands down. An inspiring lady who is able to transform a room. I couldn’t recommend Jess more highly


think she was a real inspiration, the achievements she has accomplished is just amazing. She is one very strong woman and is an inspiration to the rest of us that no matter what life throws our way there is a way to overcome it. In her story, Jess demonstrates the amazing power of resilience and perseverance to face and overcome whatever challenges or obstacles life throws at you. I particularly enjoyed the experiential element to her presentation where she was able to facilitate to show us what she experience every day with her as well those crazy adrenaline filled moments skiing down a mountain on video. I’m proud to call Jessica a fellow Australian and I hope she continues to inspire and conquer her next challenge which I have no doubt that she will.

Caruso’s Natural Health

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