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Dave Staughton

Travels from: Victoria

Expert on all things business improvement 

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Customer Service, Entrepreneur, MCs & Hosts, Sales

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

David is a talented facilitator and experienced M.C. of sales meetings and conferences, strategic retreats, team building events & in-house workshops.  He speaks and consults on a wide range of business improvement topics in the areas of sales, staff, skills and strategy development.

David is famous for simple yet powerful concepts like the love bucket, love goggles, the business hats, finding ttttt, the red balls and ‘head, heart and hands’ selling.  David is the Off-Peak Sales Magician, conjuring up sales records even in the worst of times, while others are hopelessly struggling.  Wouldn’t you like to know…

  • How you can sell more without ever reducing your prices?
  • How you can dramatically increase your sales in quiet times?
  • How you can sell the products your customers seem to be overlooking?

David is your man.  Most coaches can tell you how to sell more when times are good.  David shows you how to grow great profits even in the most turbulent of times.

Growing up in modest circumstances, David worked in his family’s hardware store from the age of six. Money was always tight and his family struggled. Tired of hardship, David resolved to become a millionaire by the age of 30 and give his family a better life.  It didn’t go exactly as planned. Although David worked hard seven days a week, he found himself with no customers and on the brink of bankruptcy.  But something happened…Within no time David raised himself and his business from the ashes.  From narrowly escaping bankruptcy, David went on to create an award-winning business empire in Victoria with several hundred employees and a multi-million dollar turnover.

How did he do it?  The good news is that David can teach you his magic.  Everyone can sell popular products during the best times of the year. Selling ice cream in summer is not what David is all about.  David uses his unique, no-nonsense strategies to help you sell during quiet times – without discounting a single penny. Armed with hard-earned experience from the trenches of entrepreneurship, David will demonstrate how you too can make sales when no one else is selling, no matter the time of the year, month or week.

Speaker Topics

Building a Customer Loving Team Culture: How to build a team that delights customers and makes more
Customer expectations are rising and your team needs to deliver an exceptional Customer Experience in order to grow. Learn the benefits of building a team and a workplace culture that delights customers.
Delivering a VIP Customer Experience: How to delight your customers, grow your business and build yo
Customers have high expectations for service. Learn how to get your customers to come back and tell others
Growing Your Business into the Future: How to find more opportunities to grow in a future disrupted
David demonstrates how to use a changing marketplace to your advantage and use it as an opportunity to increase profits, market share and customer base. Use Davids proven tools and ideas to help your business in a rapidly disrupting marketplace.
Sales, Strategies and Secrets: How to make more sales in a disrupting marketplace
This highly practical presentation for salespeople is based on REAL sales experiences across many industries. You will find out what other successful sales organisations have done to build more effective & sustainable sales. Discover great tips, techniques & technology that you can use for improved sales results. During this interactive, energetic and fun session Dave will cover the ABCs of sales, the secrets of a more systematic and disciplined approach to sales and learn about the rise of Tech enabled selling or SMarketing
Secrets of Leading a Successful Sales Team: Being a better leader to inspire your team to sell more
Your salespeople can be the best investment you ever make or your biggest nightmare. You need to build a productive and motivated sales team to help your business outperform and grow in a turbulent and disrupting marketplace. This highly practical presentation is based on REAL sales experiences across many industries. You will find out what other successful sales organisations are doing to build a more effective & sustainable sales team. Discover great tools, technologies & techniques that you can use for best practice sales leadership.
Dave Staughton - Business Coaching

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