Simon Hammond

Travels from: New South Wales

Brand strategist, social commentator and driver of change

Categories: Branding & Marketing, Innovation

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For over 20 years Simon Hammond has pushed the boundaries and limitations of traditional and old-style thinking to provoke and encourage creative and innovative change and conversations within Australian business. Starting in the 80s as an investigative journalist to now, as a highly successful business advisor and mentor, creative director, brand positioner and author, Simon has constantly defined the real drivers and influencers of social change and consumer behaviour.

As Australia’s most sought after and popular brand strategist, Simon's specialty is looking at and assessing why we do the things we do before applying that insight and knowledge into assisting organisations to better connect with their customers.

Simon has created 4 of Australia’s most popular creative agencies, established BE branding, a new and innovative standard in brand philosophy, tactically positioned and guided numerous Australian well respected and valued brands, authored 3 ground-breaking books on consumer insight and intuition and also produced the first theatre rock-show for business in the world.

Simon Hammond’s social insight and understanding have ensured his popularity as a highly popular and sought-after social commentator and inspiring corporate speaker. Simon rejects the label of ‘futurist’, he defines himself more a ‘nowist’. 

Simon is a master storyteller and he is available for keynotes, workshops or webinars at corporate and business events in Australia and internationally.

Simon Hammond - Branding & Marketing

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