Important Rules When Booking Corporate Entertainment


Want to make your event the best it can be? Choosing your entertainment is a key factor to ensuring you deliver a memorable and successful event.

A lot of people think it is as easy as looking online and picking the one you like best – should make it easy, right? WRONG!

Follow these few rules to ensure you make the event the best it can be.

1. Match your entertainment to your event.

Know your audience – understand the key demographics of your client to give you an understanding of what they will enjoy.  It would be an epic failure to book a bawdy comedian for a local church fundraiser. Get to know who your target audience.

Understand the goals that you need to achieve for the event and match the entertainment accordingly.  A great motivational speaker can help motivate and inspire a team to achieve.  A great corporate comedian can bring some laughter after a dull topic or inspire people to donate.  An artist can help raise funds for your charity.  Knowing your goal will help you choose the most appropriate performer or speaker.

2. Check references – or better still arrange to see your entertainment in action.

Word of mouth is a great tool.  Ask around, check with colleagues. Check YouTube out to see if they have any videos available. Talk to your account executive at Keynote who can help recommend the most appropriate guest for your event. Remember to provide as many details as you can, including your goals.  If you can, try and see the entertainer/speaker in action. Find out through your account executive if you can attend another event the entertainer may be doing.

3. Don’t compromise

Compromising on the quality of entertainment to save a few dollars could see your event fail spectacularly. Choose wisely.