First Impressions


You never get a second chance to make a first impression – it’s an old saying but a very important one when it comes to planning a successful event.  You want the wow factor. The wow factor can cover anything from ease of access to the event to the table settings to the entertainment. There has to be a wow factor.

When you attend an event, do you want to stand in line for twenty minutes waiting to be checked in or taken to your seat? There must be an easier way!  There is and there are quite a few options you can choose from. For the budget savvy, you can create a spreadsheet on your computers and have several stations where people can check in with staff to see where they are seated.  This is an easy and quick way to monitor attendance.  If you are handing out name tags, you could print them on the spot, ensuring there are no spelling mistakes (one of the finer details that can set you apart from the competition). If you have a big budget and your event is going to be annual, then you can look at software to assist and use technology to seat your attendees efficiently. Guests could even check in on a mobile app. Look at all your options.

Have something different and exciting in the waiting area if you are going to use paper based check-ins and if there are going to be queues.  Wandering entertainment or even a photo booth can work well.  Something fun and memorable that will excite your guests.

Ensuring you make a great first impression will keep guests talking about your event.  And will assist in making the next one even more memorable.